Imanol, a script change


Imanol, a script change

In these Christmas days, but in 2018, an event took place at Real Sociedad that, in the end, will be decisive for the future of the team, and, therefore, the club: Imanol Alguacil called the president Afternoon, for the second time in the same year, to manage the first team. But this time, unlike before, it will be certain; Imanol He will no longer take care of either the reserve team or any of the base teams, because at that moment began one of the most brilliant periods in the recent history of Real Sociedad, and the coach of Oriotar was in charge of its leadership.

He remembered himself Imanol a few days ago at a press conference on this anniversary, and at the same time took the opportunity to politely “reproach” our lack of confidence, because no one, at that time, was betting on a stay in office of these measurements. And he was right, because he appeared on the front line of battle as a “fireman”, as an occasional fire extinguisher, like so many “club men”, serving both for a broken person and for a tear, but that, when their mission was accomplished, , they retired again to winter quarters. But he probably didn’t think that his journey would reach that far. Because, let’s not forget, Imanol It doesn’t fit the script, or at least not at this point in the film. He had to play his role to the best of his ability, and set the scene for another actor to take the script and play it to the hilt.

But what the authors of the script did not expect was that this “secondary” actor would make the character himself almost impossible to separate the character from the person, while at the same time winning over an audience completely . committed to his method. Finally, those responsible for the play were forced to change plans and give the supporting actor the lead role, because no one could surpass his record. And that’s the poster now programmed on all the billboards.


Apparently, perhaps infected with the spirit of these dates, I let myself be carried away by good feelings and decided to write a kind of panegyric speech around the figure of the coach Imanol. And there may be some of that, but in essence, it’s more about articulating something that many already see. And, today, it’s hard to imagine a Real without Imanol. The level of interweaving between the professional and his work at the head of the team is such that the thought of Real without Oriotarra at the helm is like weaving a fiction that no one wants to think about. And this Real team bears the imprint of his coach, a sign that is increasingly visible. Listening to his students is almost a copy of the original, such is the level of identification between the parties.

Of course Imanol This is not Real Sociedad, because the club cannot be covered by a single person, but today it is impossible to understand this team without considering its leader. It is as if by trying to “remove” Imanol Let’s remove the skin of the club together, because they form an almost insoluble unit. Imanol It will go away one day, but for now it’s fine that way.


These are just three examples, among many others – less than one would like – of soccer stars who one day forgot that they were stars, who descended into the world of mortals, the people, usually in the more difficult conditions, contends with the vicissitudes of life, and values ​​every act of them as treasures of incalculable price. These stars really shine.


The constant change in the competition calendar at international level, together with the overload of matches, which is increasingly lacerating, leads to situations like the one that Real has to suffer – like other teams -, which some important football players will be forced to do without in a few days –Traore, hut, Sadiq– for their commitments to the national team. Not appropriate!


-The Imanol-Luis García Plaza face-to-face is still virgin, the last one is the Alavés coach, but there are some firsts.

-While Luis García was coach of Mallorca, he faced Imanol’s Real twice, with a balance of two wins for Txuri Urdin’s team.

-Against Alavés, on January 2, 2021, Barrenetxea suffered a serious injury to his left thigh, which seriously compromised his career.

Source: La Verdad


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