The night Virginia Torrecilla cried for Alexia


Virginia Torrecilla This week he announced his retirement from professional football. The midfielder left the playing fields after a successful career with Barça, Montpellier, Atlético de Madrid and Villarreal, in addition to the Spanish team, and became an example of improvement by facing a brain tumor in 2020 .

The Spaniard received hundreds of congratulatory messages from his fans and colleagues, although one from a very special friend, Alexia Putellas, stood out, who wrote to him: “Always in your side.”

The Barça player wanted to dedicate this beautiful gesture to Virginia, adding to the many he offered during the years of their friendship, especially when Virginia had the worst time because of her cancer. Both Alexia and her family devoted themselves to the player, closely following the evolution of his illness and always offering unconditional support and encouragement in his most difficult moments.

So how much can that be? Virginia wants to show Alexia his gratitude with a very nice gesture. This happened in the first edition of Women’s Soccer Galaorganized by Mundo Deportivo, on November 15, 20021. The then Atlético player received the Valores Trophy and, once in the stands, he did not hesitate to dedicate the award to his dear friend, who is always by his side. It was the most emotional moment of the Gala and ended with a loud ovation from the audience, who burst into rapturous applause.

The player gave a speech in tears: “I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I could highlight many people, Alexia Putellas and her family for having been with me at all times,” he said. And added he said that “my people gave me more strength to continue.”

With the applause of the entire auditorium, the soccer player was very grateful and when he got off the stage, going to his seat, with Alexia Putellas with him and in the middle, they both joined in a hug, symbolizing the union of two friends. who have a great time. bad but they finally smiled.

Source: La Verdad


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