16,000 euros in damage – Acquaintances with sexual orientation were blackmailed


A 33-year-old lent a young man thousands of euros. Instead of paying back the money, the 22-year-old Viennese extorted even more money: “He threatened me a few times that I would transfer money to him, otherwise he would tell my family about my sexual orientation,” the victim recalls themselves – because the two men were previously in a relationship…

A 22-year-old only very hesitantly answers the judge’s questions about his relationship with a man eleven years older than him: “On my part, they were just friendly feelings.” And after persistent insistence: ‘He gave me signals that he wanted other things. stuff . He attacked me.” The interrogation moves slowly towards the indictment.

Blackmailed 2000 euros with the threat of coming out of the closet
The Public Prosecution Service accuses the young Weener of borrowing more than 14,000 euros from a 33-year-old – with whom he had a sexual relationship in 2018. However, the suspect never repaid the money. Instead, he threatened the airport worker that if he did not transfer him more money, he would send him to his family and workplace as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, secretly receiving more than 2,000 euros.

The 22-year-old seemed ignorant to judge Daniel Recechmacher: “It was no problem that I borrowed the money. “We got along well at first, but then we didn’t get along anymore.” Contact was broken and no more payments were made. Mr. Rat gives the young man another chance to reconsider his version: “In my opinion, there is also another explanation: you are young, need money and just take advantage of it.”

This is also indicated by chat messages that are read out in detail. The defendant repeatedly urged: “Transfer the money to me now! Transfer me 500 euros!” And when the 33-year-old refused: “You know what happens then. Have fun at the airport and with your family if they find out,” the Viennese threatened.

Money and cell phone contracts in exchange for sex
The witness from the Vienna Regional Court can provide details of the history: the two men met through a gay dating portal, and the youngster offered sexual services in exchange for money. Out of kindness, the 33-year-old transferred amounts to the suspect anyway: “He said that if he found work, he would give it back to me.” As if that wasn’t enough, he also got a mobile phone contract that included a smartphone for him – and paid for it too.

The relationship ended in 2020. “He threatened me a few times that I would transfer money to him, otherwise he would tell my family about my sexual orientation,” the victim recalls. The 22-year-old owes him a total of 16,516 euros.

“It’s understandable that you’re ashamed.”
That is partly true, he responds to the witness statement with his head bowed. A response that Judge Recechmacher describes as “very telling”. “I think it’s understandable that you don’t want to say that because you’re ashamed that you earned money with sexual services as a teenager. “But there were a few other things that didn’t add up,” he said, justifying the charged verdict. The Viennese was sentenced to 12 months in prison for serious fraud and extortion and had to pay a fine of 720 euros. He must also pay the victim’s debts in full.

Source: Krone


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