No decision on Morbidelli until the end


Franco Morbidelli suffered a very hard fall in some private tests on the circuit of Portimao. The accident was very difficult, as reported by Brothers of Marquez When they stopped to help him, the Italian pilot was left unconscious.

After receiving such a severe blow to the head, several medical tests were performed to ensure that there were no serious injuries. Until now everyone is afraid but from the team, the Premium Pramac Racing, they don’t want to take risks. That’s why they released a statement through their social networks regarding their participation in the official MotoGP tests, which will take place in Sepang starting next Tuesday.

“The medical team decided to postpone the examination for a few days. This delay is intended to allow a more complete understanding of your physical status and determine your eligibility. to participate in the next scheduled exam days”

Pulling out of the Sepang tests is bad news for Morbidelli as he will be making his Ducati debut after experiencing testing for the last three years in yamaha official So starting behind the others is a big setback. However, as it should be, the health of the Moto2 world champion must be a priority at all times.

The Márquez family recounted the accident

Franco had an accident between curves 8 and 9 of Portimao. Once on the ground, it wasn’t long before the stewards showed the red flag and the first to find Morbidelli on the track were Marc and Álex Márquez, who ran to his aid.

“We found Morbidelli completely unconscious at the scene of the escape. His position was a little strange, his head held high. Alex and I immediately stopped, left the bikes on the ground and ran towards Franco to put it to the side,” Marc said at an event in Jakarta.

Once in the hospital and fully conscious, Morbidelli sent a beautiful message of thanks to those from Cervera

Source: La Verdad


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