The most perica Qatar holds the sky


Qatar were crowned the new champions of the Asia Cup on Saturday after defeating Jordan in the final with a hat trick from its star, the media Afif and the great hero from a very expert selection. Logical since the great architect of Qatar who is reasserting the scepter is a former carat parakeet, ‘Tintín’ Márquez, who brought Luis Garcia to help him in his quest to take Qatar to the top. And two former Spanish players live up to it, two legendary players in capital letters.

The Asturian caught by ‘Tintin’ after being fired as Espanyol’s first coach in November. AND It couldn’t have gone better for Luis his first experience after leaving the Catalan club, a controversial dismissal.

But in the Qatari team the perica sequel is very wide, because it is a 100% ex-blue and white staff. Payroll figure Sergio Márquez, son of Tintin, and Luis García, former player and former Spanish coach. They are also part of the coaching staff Xavi Pedro (physical trainer), Javier Ruiz (goalkeeper coach), Jose Luis Rodríguez (physiotherapist) and Aleix Mora (physical trainer).

‘Tintin’, which was signed after the surprise departure of Carlos Queiroz To take the reins of the Qatari team at the Asia Cup, he fulfilled his role with a high note, reaffirming the title and making good on predictions that his team was the clear favorite to lift the trophy.

After achieving victory in the grand final, the Spaniard, through his official account ‘X’, congratulated the two former parakeets for their great success in the Asia Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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