Guardiola does not refer to Haaland: “He is the best in the Premier and will be a legendary player”


He City of Manchester sweated hard to make the derby against unitedin a rivalry that helped the reigning Premier League champions follow in Liverpool’s footsteps before visiting Anfield.

Although the most common thing is that it is Erling Haaland either Kevin de Bruyne the most outstanding ‘citizen’ player, this season it’s time to share the throne with a certain Phil Fodenwho has finally woken up to become the footballer he imagined himself to be.

His were the two goals that helped start the comeback against United, most notably the equaliser, a missile from outside the area that was completely unstoppable for Onana. “So far he is the best (in the Premier)”Guardiola said of Foden, adding that “To be world class you have to win games. He is doing it. He has always scored goals but now he wins games. When you do that you reach another level as a player.”

But it didn’t stop there. When he left the youth academy, Guardiola spoke of Foden in terms of the best talent he had ever seen and he went even further. “He will be a legendary player because, at his age, the games played, the minutes, the goals scored, the titles won and from this… he has an incredible connection with the fans “said the Manchester City coach, insisting that “he is the player of the season. With all due respect to other incredible players, but no one has been as decisive for us as him.”

For Pep, Foden’s evolution as a player revolves around the fact that he has learned to handle the most complex games. “When he started he was always aggressive near the goal and dribbling, but now he’s more mature and he understands the defense. It’s about what he has to do and he understands the games better. Have you seen those actions where it was taken back he has the ball? He is a winning player and that is the mentality we have. That is why he has become a very important player for us and for the national team,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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