First Catalan -group 3-


Gornal-Parc 0-1

Parc added an important victory against Gornal, a direct rival in the fight for permanence. The home team had the ball in the first few minutes but were not creating clear chances. Parc, for its part, appeared well positioned and did not allow itself to be surprised, waiting for its counterattack options. With a steal of the ball from Gornal, Pol, from the left and with his left foot, crossed exactly to Ander who finished with only his right foot, establishing the only goal of the match. After the break, Gornal went in search of an equaliser, but Parc defended itself with great sequence

Gornal: Mario; Jaume, Marcos Morales, Erik Beattie, Nil Valero, Álvaro Millán (Moha, 63′), Rubén Gómez, Isma, Martí Naranjo (Iñaki, 87′), Alseny and Éric Cañete (Lasana, 63′)

park: Albert Duran; Dani Guijo, Sergi Macarulla (Tomás, 48′), Edu, Ernest, Valls, Campos (Moha, 89′), Íker (Arturo, 72′), Ander (Capel, 72′), Samu and Pol

Purpose: 0-1, Ander (22′)

Referee: Ahouary tabiza, regular. TA: Raúl de Amo -int.- (2, 82), Millán, Beattie, Isma (2, 89′), Iñaki; Íker, Edu, Arturo, Ángel Soto (ent.) and Pol

Morell-Tortosa Ebre 0-1

Tortosa Ebre took the three points in their visit to Morell. The visitors came out the stronger and enjoyed two fine performances to go into the break with a one advantage. After the restart, Morell went out well and had two very clear opportunities to advance. But when the locals are at their best, the blow comes. And in an action on the wing, the ball reached Peke and he passed it to Roger Armengol who with a powerful shot beat Dani Alfano. From here, Morell went for the tie, but Tortosa knew how to hold on and defended with great skill to salvage the three points.

Morel: Dani Alfano; Magí, Marc Gabriel, Rubén Pérez, Cardaba (Ramón Miranda, 68′), Oleksandr, Torondel (Javi Gámez, 86′), Unai, Jordi Casadó, Jhon Breyner (Diouf, 73′) and Enric Canals

Tortosa Ebre: Marco Pino; Ayuso, Maxi (Joan Sancho, 63′), Domènec, Roger Armengol, Marc Bernardo (Ferran Buera, 63′), Dani Quesada (Carlos Gilabert, 63′), Peke (Fabregat, 89′), Marc Aspa, Gatell (Éric Muria, 86′) and Genís Arrastraria

Purpose: 0-1, Roger Armengol (64′)

Referee: Campillo Lucena, good. TA: Casadó, John Breyner; Domènec

Santfeliuenc-FE Sa. Vilafranca 1-1

Santfeliuenc and FE And. Vilafranca sealed the draw in a match that started with a good chance for the visitors as after 9 minutes the referee declared a penalty. But local goalkeeper Marc Vila stopped the shot. From here the locals took the initiative and Carricondo missed the good opportunity. Before half time, another penalty, this time in favor of Santfelieunc, was converted by Elhadji to make it 1-0. In the second half, Viñas missed its chance to extend the local lead and in the closing stages Gabri Saucedo saved a point for

In. Vilafranca Santfeliuenc: Marc Villa; Bira (Costa, 60′), Marki, Iván Méndez, Sergi Mas, Elhadji, Lluís Viñas (Rodri, 67′), Christian, Guillem Bonet (Albert Hernández, 77′), Villegas and Adri Carricondo (Pablo Blasco, 77′)

FAITH In. Vilafranca: Sergi Vives; Marc Cliville, Marc González, Joan Montserrat, Xavi Pujó (Arles, 80′), Jordi Montesinos (Gabri Saucedo, 46′), Éric Roca (Gabri Bernard, 60′), Coso (Dani Pérez, 46′), Arjona, Nil Castell (Joan Mata, 89′) and Nil Torner

The objectives: 1-0, Elhadji, pen. (44′); 1-1, Gabri Saucedo (85′)

Referee: I want Battle, good. TA: Elhadji, Bira; Eric Roca and Nil Torner

In. Sant Just-Sitges 3-1

Return of At. Sant Just against Sitges. In the first half the visiting team was better and they took an early lead thanks to Serra’s goal. After passing through the locker room, the locals came out with another march and began to fully take the initiative while the rival looked for their counter options. Aitor equalized and with the score 1-1 the team grew and Pau Mateo and Éric Blanco scored the goals that turned the score around

In. Saint Lang: curly; Godwin, Palaus, Nacho, Jan González, Héctor (Novo, 65′), Aniol (Melero, 65′), Lucas (Aitor, 46′), Tarru (Yusuf, 88′), Farouk (Éric Blanco, 77′) and Pau Mateo

Sitges: Bush; Víctor Lebrero, Álvaro Montesinos, Josele (Manu Ábalos, 89′), Javi Lara, Garard Durany, Saliou, Marc Martínez, Joan Serra (Ryo, 89′), Carlos Martínez (Sacris, 62′) and Shin

The objectives: 0-1, Joan Serra (7′); 1-1, Aitor Jiménez (72′); 2-1, Pau Mateo (83′); 3-1, Eric Blanco (86′)

Referee: Tolos camera, beautiful. TA: Aitor, Palaus, Novo; Javier Lara

Prat B-Martorell 0-1

A lone goal from Eric García from a pass from Roger Gorrea almost a quarter of an hour into the game allowed Martorell to claim victory after six rounds. The visiting team dominated Prat B in the first half and after half an hour Víctor Edu missed the second. After the break, the game was even. The subsidiary tried to gain more possession but could not clearly get around Toni Dominguez

Pratt B: Joan Altés; Dani García, Jordi Buyreu, Gustavo Reinke, David Jiménez (Lee, 87′), Luis Sánchez, Marc Font (Hugo, 71′), Riku (Xavi Víctor, 46′), Válcarcel (Sama, 71′), Víctor Gallego and Uri Cruz

Martorell: Toni Dominguez; Song, Carles Caballería, Víctor Edo, Marc Torres (Gerard Moreno, 46′), Roger Gorrea (Badr, 83′), Ross, Marcos Ibáñez (Víctor García, 71′), Marc Casares, Xavi Marco and Éric García (Shu, 46′)

Purpose: 0-1, Eric Garcia (14′)

Referee: López Brustenga, good. TA: Joan Altés, Gustavo Reinke; Eric García and Carles Caballería

Source: La Verdad


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