5-4: The San Juan At. Montcada defeated Castellar in a crazy match


Borges Blanques-Sant Cugat 2-5

A highly contested match that finally went to the visiting side. A great goal from Martí from long range that slipped into the top corner meant the score was 0-1. Borges did not collapse and was able to restore the score. Caño first equalized with a penalty due to some clear hands in the area and then Jordi scored 2-1 by taking advantage of a rebound. At the start, Borges was left with ten, which the visiting team took advantage of to go ahead and in just eight minutes to finish. Therefore, Sergi Estrada took advantage of a rebound in the area to equalize. Then Juanpi, after a lateral cross, made it 2-3. Again, Sergi Estrada, with an incredible goal from long range, scored 2-4. And in a counterattack, Guillem Benet killed the game with the fifth goal

Borges Blanques: Xammar; Sergi Arroyo, Pau Faci, Simón (Torrelles, 80′), Marc Caño (Marc Valero, 84′), Quini Jr., Joel Casals, Joel Guitart, Eloi Gras (Aitor, 84′), Óscar Imaz (Tarik, 62′ ) and Jordi (Hamza, 70′)

Sant Cugat: Daddy; Carlos Serón, Marc Arnau, Chadi (Iván Paredes, 35′), Martí (Mario Manso, 62′), Guillem Benet, Ferran Roca, Mamadou (Juanpi Sepúlveda, 70′), Juanda Carranza (Sergi Martínez, 62′), Sergi Estrada (Joan Arnau, 86′) and Ángel Pomar

The objectives: 0-1, Martí (20′); 1-1, Marc Caño, pen. (26′); 2-1, Jordi (41′); 2-2, Sergi Estrada (77′); 2-3, Juanpi Sepulveda (80′); 2-4, Sergi Estrada (81′); 2-5, Guillem Benet (85′)

Referee: Ballesteros Ríos, regular. TA: Joel Guitart (2, 51′), Pau Faci, Xammar; Chala (ent.), Juanda Carranza, Tati and Juanpi Sepúlveda

Igualada-Pirinaica 0-1

Igualada made up for their goallessness against a Pirinaica team where Marcel’s second-half goal was enough. The locals had control of the ball and chances in the first half where Gulias, with a powerful shot, tested the visiting goalkeeper, although Khalid also had to intervene to prevent ‘Piri’ from scoring. The second half started with a good shot by Fran Samaniego that forced the visiting goalkeeper, Dani del Río, to make a spectacular save to keep the goal out. The referee then awarded a penalty in the Pirinaica area, but Dani del Río blocked the shot. Amidst local confusion over the missed maximum penalty, Pirinaica scored the only goal, the feat of Marcel Bellido

Equalizer: Khalid; Sergi Solernou, Óscar Oliver (Berna, 79′), Boateng (Arkoh, 61′), Franc Samaniego, Marc Gulias (Dan Etido, 85′), Guillem Micó (Éric Pérez, 69′), Jairon, Joan Altimira, Sebas Mendoza and Edwin

Pyrenees: Dani del Río; Miquel Nocete (David Cabezas, 48′), Camilo, Marcel Bellido (Felipe, 79′), Soufian, Pau Quintana, Peñarrubia (Zájara, 89′), Roger Alsina, Marc Ávila, Isidre (Baptiste, 71′) and Alfred ( Rubén Epitié, 71′)

Purpose: 0-1, Marcel Bellido (53′)

Referee: Aguilar Planas, good. TA: Boateng, Berna, Joan Altimira; Alfred, Soufian, Dani del Río and Pau Quintana

San Juan And. Montcada-Castellar 5-4

Castellar is more deserving of its visit to a San Juan At. Montcada sleeping as the leader waiting for the games this Sunday. The visitors took the lead when Alan solved a triangulation with Íker Álvarez. The local team equalized thanks to a clear penalty to Montejo which Fini converted. Castellar took the lead again because of Gabri’s free-kick that went all the way around the corner and San Juan At tied again. when Fini scored a lateral foul. After the restart, Castellar took full initiative and broke the tie. Jan Marc, with a pass from Gabri, made it 2-3 and then David López scored the fourth for the visitors in a personal game. But in the last minutes the locals turned and with a foul Albert Jiménez reduced the gap (3-4). And in extra time, with a throw-in, after some rebounds Joshu scored the tie. And in the last gasp, a play from the wing ended with a cross into the area in Iker Roldán San Juan’s own goal.

In. Montcada: David Pérez (Roger García, 44′); Joshu, Arnau Pou, Éric Pérez, Rafa (Omar Balde, 46′), Hugo (Osorio, 46′), Galder, Marc Montejo, Fini, Dani Hernández (Albert Jiménez, 65′) and Víctor Pérez (Musta, 65′)

Castellar: Pablo Martin; Silvestre, Gabri, Marc Brey, Saavedra (Óscar Arias, 84′), Jan Marc (Xavi Moreno, 89′), Víctor Léon, Alan (David López, 46′), Iván Sánchez (Íker Roldán, 79′), Víctor Moreno and Íker Álvarez

The objectives: 0-1, Alan (18′); All right, pen. (twenty-one’); 1-2, Gabri (24′); 2-2, Fini (38′); 2-3, Jan Marc (64′); 2-4, David López (76′); 3-4, Albert Jimenez (83′); 4-4, Joshua (93′); 5-4, Íker Roldán, pp (98′)

Referee: Blanch Padrosa, good. TA: Joshu (2, 93′), Víctor Pérez, Albert Jiménez, Fini; Silvestre, Víctor León, David López and Íker Roldán

Source: La Verdad


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