The Athletic’s Cup title opens another place in Europe


The achievement of the Cup by Athletic Club of Bilbao This has immediate consequences. Spain He could have another place in Europe next season. To do this, the new champion of the KO tournament must be among the top six, as is the current case. If among the four that provide access to Champions Leagueas in the fifth or sixth place as it happens now where the lions are fifth and after the Real society.

It will be the position at the end of this championship that will determine the final distribution in the three European competitions but there will always be seventh place for Conference League. Something that didn’t happen until yesterday where the first four would go champion, the fifth in the Europa League and the sixth in the Meeting. All in the absence of knowing who will win the Cup final.

If the group Ernesto Valverde finally ending in fourth and within the positions of Champions; Next season he will play in the new maximum competition he designed UEFA. This means that the fifth and sixth will go to European League.

If he Athletic finish in fifth position, as is the current case, it will be one of the two teams going to the Europa League along with sixth.

Now the match is in seventh place, which currently corresponds to Valencia after his victory on Thursday against the pomegranate but where there are up to six teams playing for this spot between now and the end of the season. The group of Ruben Baraja added 44 points,

He Legs is just behind with 42 points, Osasuna is next with 39; one more than Getafe and Villarreal. Las Palmas closed with 37 points. This result also allows the Real society now think about European League if he maintains sixth place and the five-point advantage he has in Valencia. Until yesterday this square was Conference League.

It seems unlikely that this is not the case as at the moment there is a 12 point distance between Athletic and Valencia, the first team outside the European positions.

Source: La Verdad


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