Ndicka left the hospital after the scare on Sunday and this is the medical report


The Ivorians Evan Ndickaa Roma player, was discharged on Monday after being admitted to a hospital on Sunday afternoon after suffering chest pains during the match against Udinese that at first appeared to be a heart attack, a severity that was not ruled out by the latest reports. medical examination to which he underwent.

“The player has been discharged and will undergo further tests at Roma. A first and second level cardiological test was carried out, which was negative for cardiac pathology,” Roma reported in a statement.

The diagnosis

“In light of the latest tests carried out this morning, the clinical picture is consistent with chest trauma with minimal left pneumothorax” added the Roman club.

The diagnosis of “neurothorax” refers to the presence of air resulting from trauma that can cause partial or complete lung collapse.

Thank you from Rome

Roma expressed their gratitude to Udinese, the match referee, the fans present at the Udine stadium and the medical and health staff at the Santa Maria della Misericordia hospital in Udine “for their great professionalism.”

“To everyone, in minutes of anxiety and fear, we show the values ​​of sport and prioritize the protection of life,” Roma highlighted.

There was almost 20 minutes left in the game which had to be recovered later, with the scoreboard tied at one, after goals from Roberto Pereyra and the Belgians Romelu Lukakuwho scored the 300th goal of his career.

Source: La Verdad


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