"Griezman roams the field, he is an unknown footballer"


back to Atletico Madrid, Antoine Griezmann He had a complicated time with the colchoneros between injuries, adaptations and more. A campaign that pushed many people to consider many things.

So far, the French team has been his particular ‘oasis’ but that could change. The defeat earlier Denmark and the careful play of rojiblanco, has intensified criticism and doubt of the role of rojiblanco along with ‘Les Blues’.

Like choosing France on the Friday night before Denmark, Antoine Griezmann is not up to par. And some commentators put rojiblanco in the spotlight.

Griezmann goes on a sad and long straight twenty consecutive games without scoring a goal.

number 8 of Atletico Madrid he only scored one goal in 2022, all competitions added. He saw a door in front of him Ray Majadahonda sa King’s Cup once the calendar year begins. Since then, he has played twenty games, without scoring a single goal …

An issue that is exacerbated when we consider that it does not mark the choice of France for seven months. He has not lost his mattress starter status but he is starting to be questioned by various media. The third top scorer in the history of the French team is currently going through a difficult time.

His role has changed slightly since the two arrived Mbappe-Benzema, now acts as a hindrance and farther from the goal. The leading role was taken by others.

For Pierre Menesone of the most important commentators on Francethe performance of Griezmann it was disappointing. I forgot to rate Griezmannit should be a kind of tribute to the identity of your game. Griezmann4. At the beginning of the game I found it a little better than the last quotes, but in the second half it completely disappeared from circulation, like many others “, the journalist pointed out. The ex Soccer Club Channel does not show too much optimism for the future. “His lack of performance in the France team is starting to be a problem. The advantage is you don’t have much competition in your position. (…) Not enough”.


Six months after the start of worldhope the swollen tricolor Antoine Griezmann find a way to restore your level. Why not on Monday against Croatia? This is what another commenter expected, Elton Mokolo, ng winmaxwho sees a Antoine Griezmann completely lost.

“We used to say ‘no news, good news,’ but on the side of Griezmann it is the opposite. Now we’re talking about a player who tends to be anonymous and that’s not what we expected. Nasa Barcelona the former coach Ernest Valverde explained that Griezmann he had to find his place, but it was for him barca. And I have the impression that it’s the same with choosing France. From the moment there has been a change in the recent history of selection Francewhere there are zones of influence, with Mbappe Y Benzema that they become more influential, that they want to receive the ball, what are we going to do ”, he pointed out to add:“ In Griezmann? In 2018, Griezmann It is the flagship of the French national team. And in 2022 there are such players Benzema Y Mbappe which became very important. It’s human nature, we give the ball to the best player. But now the best player of the French team is no longer called Antoine Griezmann. Now it is an element of composition and must be mixed in the group, to be decided. These are complex things. when you call Antoine Griezmann, you have a certain ego In 2018 he was considered the leader of the choice France. Four years later, it’s no longer the same. We see a player roaming around. “


But not all the critics outside, those who know him, those who know what he can do, there is no doubt about the player. “If I comforted Antoine Griezmann? We exchanged a few messages when he was injured because I knew what it was. He didn’t feel that? On the other hand, about its quality, nothing can be said. We all know who he is. He had a difficult time, but his motivation was intact, ”the Bayern Munich defender said of Griezmann in an interview with JDD.

Source: La Verdad


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