Wales – Ukraine live | Repechage for the Qatar 2022 World Cup


41 ‘Follow the game when the review is done. Ukraine are looking for the tie before the break.

40 ‘Yarmolenko claimed a penalty, which came before the split ball and was hit from behind. Let’s see if the VAR will come in.

37 ‘We will see what the reaction of Ukraine after the pitcher of cold water. Welsh fans are roaring.

Gareth Bale’s free kick that Yarmolenko accidentally deflected with his head, misled his goalkeeper. The Welsh are taking advantage of a match that has so far been dominated by Ukraine.


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32 ‘Yellow card for Mykolenko for leaving his elbow in a misunderstanding with James. The first for Ukraine.

30 ‘Yarmolenko’s far shot was denied by the local goalkeeper. Ukraine, repeatedly forgiving.

29 ‘Ukraine’s dangerous opportunities continue to come. Tsygankov found space on the left wing but his shot widened. The play was annulled due to offside.

23 ‘And another time of danger for Ukrainians. Good pass behind Tsygankov that Karavaev didn’t finish. Malinovsky, who says he was the first to receive, was disappointed.

twenty-one’Bale tried it from 30 meters. The ball spread.

18 ‘Physical problems for Bushchan. The Ukrainian goalkeeper’s right ankle hurts but it looks like it will continue.

16 ‘Gareth Bale was trying to play, which delayed his position to make it easier to receive.

13 ‘Ukraine was much better in the early part of the match. Visiting fans vibrated at Cardiff City Stadium.

18:1411 ‘Hennessey avoids Ukraine’s goal. Yaremchuk unchecked very well, unable to beat the local goalkeeper.

18:128 ‘Noticed that the two teams play often. Quick withdrawal of the Ukrainian team to abort a local against.

18:075 ‘Gales left the cave, forcing the first corner of the match.

18:063 & # 39; First controversial battle game. Zinchenko took the free kick and the ball went into the net. However, the goal does not climb the scoreboard. Mateu did not whistle so the foul was not valid.

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18:05Shown by 2 & # 39; Mateu Lahoz was the first yellow of the game to Allen. The Welsh ‘7’ arrived late and left with tacos

18:031 & # 39; Ukraine aims to have the ball. First come to the rival area, without risk.

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They said hi to each other
Gareth Bale and Yarmolenko. Everything is ready for the start of the game!

It’s time for the local song. Exciting moments at Cardiff Stadium

Message for peace in the formation of two groups. Sounds the Ukrainian national anthem.

Ukraine starting at Bushchan; Mykolenko; Matviyenko; Zabarnyi; Karavayev; Stepanenko; Yarmolenko; Malinovskyi; Zinchenko; Tsygankov and Yaremchuck

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LABINGIS from Wales are the following: Hennesey; Roberts; Ampdu; Rodon; Daves; Williams; Ramsay; Allen; James; Bale and Moore

Welcome to the live narration of the battle between Wales and Ukraine. Both teams are measured in finding a venue for the World Cup in Qatar.

Source: La Verdad


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