Fernando Torres: "Xavi’s call was determined"


Fernando Torres: "Xavi’s call was determined"

The footballer’s FC Barcelona Fernando Torres, who currently focuses on the national team, attended the ‘El Partidazo de Cope’ program to check out his arrival on the Barça team and how he has lived in recent months. “It’s been a difficult year because I had a start, pretty serious injuries and I came to Barcelona with great enthusiasm. We were able to turn things around a bit and qualify for the Champions League and Super Cup, but it’s true that we didn’t. finished in the best way.I know where I came from, that the club is going through a very difficult time and we have to do our best to qualify for the Champions League because otherwise it will be a failure, and we will achieve our goal. Now think about next season and try to win titles ”, he assured.

Regarding the situation of the Barça club, he commented that “it is a very complex situation; President, Mateu Germany and the Board of Directors is doing a great job and doing their part to get the club back to normal little by little, but there are things that don’t depend on them that have come from the past. I am calm because my interest is football and nothing else ”.

Asked about some of his images of desperation on the pitch after not scoring, he acknowledged that “I wasn’t overwhelmed, I was very calm. As a winger, I don’t consider myself a striker although I can play in that position, but it’s not up to me to score goals, obviously I have a goal and I’m capable of scoring and when I can I also have to give help. It’s true that there are times I don’t score and I get out of the scoring streak. I’m proud that I gave the team more work besides the goal. I’m an ambitious player and when I fail I don’t want to fail, I want to learn. I don’t worry about it at all because you might end badly, I review plays to be able to improve ”.

About the right names, he said of his coach, Xavi Hernandezthat “if Barça comes to you, it’s a very good thing, if not to say most, that they call you Xavi, on how good a player he was, became decisive. I can stay in the City until the summer and win titles but Xavi He sent his idea to me, his desire and I did everything possible to get to Barça ”.

From his other coach, and his partner’s father, Luis Enrique, clarified that “I have a very good relationship with him, it was from the first moment he called me for the national team, he gave me full confidence from the first minute. It was a professional deal, we were a player and a coach and I was with him until death. You have to be smart, professional life is one thing and life abroad is different. Here we are two professionals and he chose me and I am here to represent my country and meet the goals ”.

Finally, he commented that “the numbers Lewandowski they speak for themselves and hopefully he can go “while with him Eric Garcia He said that “he was a very good friend of mine and I defended him to death, he was a top central defender, one of the best when it comes to getting the ball out; but the world of football is full of criticism but it is suppressed and continues working to rely “.

Source: La Verdad


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