“Winning the Champions League would be very good for the institution now”


FC Barcelona is experiencing a historic weekend as the opportunity presented in Bilbao this Saturday (6 pm) to be crowned champions of the Women’s Champions League for the third time in its history, in a final that will pit it against the king of the winners the great continental tournament, the OL. Xavier Puig, manager responsible for the successful Barça women’s football, attended the microphone of RAC1’s ‘Tu diràs’ at the times of such transcendental appointments. “Winning the Champions League would be very good for the institution at the moment,” admitted Puig, who was excited about the huge fan exodus and aware of the difficult time Barcelona are having without Xavi’s absence. Hernández on the bench became official.

“It is a source of pride and satisfaction as a Barça manager to see so many fans moving en masse, they are our 12th players and we hope to give them the great joy they deserve.” “The players told me they can’t fail because of these fans,” Puig concluded. Regarding Xavi, he said that “the club made a decision and we have to respect it, but there will be time to evaluate it, because now and here is the time to talk about the women’s team, where the history is at stake.” “Of course, I wish Xavi the best, he is a friend, I have known him and his family for many years,” he added.

Puig highlighted the massive movement of culé fans, with 40,000 culé in Bilbao, to support the women’s team.

Regarding the rival, an OL who won the two previous finals against Barça, is seen as “a thorn in our side.” “They have eight Champions Leagues and we have two, but we already have many finals, so ours are used to it and I am convinced that they will give us joy: we have to beat Lyon, keep the Eindhoven title with our approach. against a very physical opponent.”

The leader of the culé celebrated the recent contract renewal of Alexia Putellas. “an icon”. “We are very happy for the renewal of Alexia, a completely different player with two Ballon d’Ors to back him up and for being a footballer with a commendable attitude,” he added. Without giving details of the negotiations, Puig emphasized that “the club has a line and Alexia and her entourage fully understood it, which is why we are convinced that we will close it.”

Without wanting to identify names, Puig hinted that Jonatan Giráldez’s replacement on the women’s first team bench would be the ‘home’ solution. “Now is not the time to announce the coach, the final is here and that is what is important to us, but I can say that we have thought about this matter and we are very clear about the future, what we want to do and we have best thing inside, at home, and we have to bet on that.” Of course, Puig asked for a big finish on the stage for Jonatan Giraldez’s cycle. “‘Jona’ is part of this team and the departure at the club with this title will be wonderful for him and for the club as well,” he emphasized.

Alex Parisé’s interview with Xavier Puig is part of the start of a day in which the Gupo Godó station has dedicated a special program to the grand final of the Women’s Champions League, with the Hotel Ilunion in Bilbao as a ‘studio’ for both Via Lliure by Xavi Bundó as, after the final, with Parisé in Tu Diràs.

Source: La Verdad


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