Euro 2024: Which teams could make a splash?


Who doesn’t remember half of Iceland in the stands of French stadiums who cheered and shouted Viking during the last Euro Cup? The Icelandic team deserved that plaudits and many more because of its magnificent performance at Euro 2016 in France where it defeated rivals England, for example. Another ‘minor’ team, Wales, went very far in the other leg of the qualifying rounds in the event that ended up crowning Portugal. In fact, in the Portuguese team they lost a legendary Euro Cup final in their country against the surprising Greece. Years before, in 1992, Denmark, invited at the last minute to play in the Euro Cup due to the exclusion of Yugoslavia due to the Balkan War, also won the tournament with the all-star Laudrup. History has many surprises, what will happen in Germany 2024? A prediction that will help you in Mister to build a cheap team at the beginning of the tournament and have a budget for stars from bigger teams. Have you been playing Mister? Sign up here.

Source: La Verdad


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