Dozens killed in airstrike on Rafah refugee camp


Tents of refugee civilians were hit by an Israeli airstrike, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent. Platform Doctors in the Gaza Strip spoke of at least 28 deaths. It is unclear how many people are still in collapsed or burning tents.

There was an airstrike on a Hamas compound. According to information from the intelligence services, significant Hamas terrorists had recently been there, the Israeli army reported on Platform X. The airstrike was carried out in accordance with international law, the army explained. An investigation is underway into reports that a fire broke out as a result of the airstrike, injuring bystanders.

The Red Crescent said the affected area was one of the designated humanitarian zones for those forced to evacuate due to Israeli hostilities. The information provided by the helpers could not initially be independently verified.

ICJ: Israel must immediately end military operations in Rafah
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Friday ordered Israel to immediately end the military operation in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Rulings of the World Court are binding. However, the UN judges do not have the power to force any state to implement this directive.

Palestinians attempted to carry out a knife attack on an Israeli army post
Near Hebron in the West Bank, Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian who attempted a knife attack on an army post. No soldiers were injured, the report said. The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry said it had been informed of the attacker’s death by Israeli security authorities. It concerns a teenager of 14 years old.

Israel: Seven Hezbollah fighters killed in airstrikes in Lebanon
In addition, the Israeli army said it had killed seven fighters from the Shiite Hezbollah militia in airstrikes in southern Lebanon. Tough action will be taken against the militia, army spokesman Daniel Hagari assured on Sunday. Meanwhile, Israeli forces were fighting in all parts of the Gaza Strip, Hagari said.

The Islamist Hamas fired several rockets into Israeli territory on Sunday. Some launch sites were located 800 meters away from where Israeli soldiers were deployed. As the soldiers approached, rockets were fired from areas full of civilians. The military’s information could not initially be independently verified.

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