VAR analysis worth promotion for Valladolid


One of the actions of yesterday’s busy afternoon at Second He is on Zorrilla. With the penalty assessed in the 93rd minute at the request of the referee VAR, Raúl Martín Gonzálezwho notifies the field referee Miguel Sesma: “Miguel, I recommend a review for a penalty for handball.” In a shot from Messenger who first left outside but held the hand of Lekovic.

From VAR The action is being prepared: “It’s short and whatever he asks of you”, while from below the banks calmness is demanded. In fact, the referee will be heard: “You, the substitute goalkeeper, the substitute goalkeeper, the goalkeeper, you are out.” The referee insists: “the substitute goalkeeper, out. The substitute goalkeeper, out. Out, out.” Someone asks him what he is doing Miguel Sesma responded: “protest a lot, get out.” Together with the monitor he said to the room VOR: “Let’s watch, okay. I’m on the screen, Raoul“.

That’s when the referee VAR He told him: “You will see the contact point and then you will see it in the dynamics, okay.” Where the referee gives the All right and asked him: “Give me a shorter one so that I can see the effect on my hand. I see that he cut a shot at the goal and hit it there with an open hand. Perfect, I did not see it, because I ‘m going to resume with a penalty in favor of the Valladolid“. Where the referee VAR He answers: “Perfect.”

Punishment that changed the Pucelano team and that meant promotion to First division.

Source: La Verdad


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