Second incident: dog bit a ten-year-old boy’s cheek


Another dog bite has been reported, seriously injuring a child. This time it didn’t happen with your own four-legged friend, but during a visit to Schwanenstadt. A ten-year-old boy now has scars on his face; his cheek was badly injured.

“Why don’t you report on the serious dog bite in Schwanenstadt?” – readers of “Krone” reacted after reporting on Sunday about a beagle that had hit a two-year-old boy in the face near Tragwein, causing minor injuries. Investigation revealed that a serious dog attack had actually occurred in Schwanenstadt.

Father took son to hospital
During one visit, two dogs attacked a 10-year-old boy from Schwanenstadt and at least one jumped at him. The pooch bit the student’s face, seriously injuring his right cheek. The father drove his seriously injured son to the nearest hospital, where the bite wounds had to be stitched. The dog’s teeth had partially pierced the cheek next to the mouth, next to the nose and under the eye.

Source: Krone


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