What is the order in which countries leave the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games?


The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris It will be historic. For the first time it will not take place in a stadium and it will be the Seine, the iconic river of the city of Paris, that will take all the attention of the hundreds of millions of followers who will follow the ceremony live and on television. Athletes from all the countries participating in the Olympic Games will parade in specially equipped boats on the Seine, in an event that arouses great expectations. Tickets to see it live were sold for up to 2,700 euros.

Despite the novelty of not being held in a stadium, the ceremony was followed by a series of traditional slogans. The call ‘Parade of Nations’ It took place for the first time in London 1908 and from Amsterdam 1928 the same rules are followed regarding the order of the countries.

Greece, which recognizes the origin of Olympic Games, always stop first. Conversely, the host country is in charge of closing the parade. Other countries are paraded in alphabetical order, taking into account the official language of the host country, in this case French.

Source: La Verdad


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