Athletes from 20 countries compete in Eagles at the Military World Cup


After a weekend full of vertigo with the celebration of the Copa del Rey and the Reina Iberdrola Triathlon and the Spanish Relay Triathlon Championship, Águilas once again becomes the epicenter of this sport, this time at international level, with the celebration of the 23rd Military Triathlon World Championship , which started last Tuesday and ends on Saturday.

Two hundred and ten athletes from twenty countries are aiming for victory in the first military world championship to host paratriathlon and mixed relay events, according to Commander Fontela, head of the Physical Education and Sports Department of the Royal Guard, when presenting the event.

Mari Carmen Moreno, Mayor of Águilas, expressed her gratitude to “those who make it possible to organize this sporting event with such relevance and repercussion. As well as the staff of the Municipal Sports Council, volunteers, the Spanish Triathlon Federation and the Murcian Triathlon federation.

The championship award ceremony was also attended by the Councilor for Sports, Cristóbal Casado; Diego Calvo Valera, President of the Triathlon Federation of the Region of Murcia, and the General Director of Sports of the Region of Murcia, Francisco Javier Sánchez López. All agreed to point out the appropriateness of celebrating this event in Águilas, which has established itself as one of the important events on the national and international sports scene.

Source: La Verdad


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