Arechabaleta: “Marcelino should have renewed in March”


The name of Marcellin It’s still very topical in Athletic’s electoral pre-campaign. Inaki Arechabaleta yesterday he referred to the former Athletic coach in an interview given on the program ‘bilbosport’ ng Radio Nervion. “I have done my best. I believe that Marcellin It should have been renewed in March and the coach is not known in these elections. He deserved it. He has built a competitive team, with intensity and direct football. The icing is really missing. My personal impression is that for some reason he didn’t include himself. He blamed us all a bit and maybe this is his vision, ”said the man from Deustuarra.

The executive said he didn’t have “a chance to tell her he was counting on her.” “I told him he needed to renew in March. He was a great coach, he should be next season, but circumstances led him to abandon the ship. Maybe we are to blame. If he came to selfishly renew, he would have left us alone to dedicate our efforts to everything we have to do in other areas, ”he said.

Arechabaleta added that reaching a consensus between the three pre-candidates on Marcellin “It was very complicated” and in this sense he confirmed that he had only talked to a coach “at his request” after seeing the Spaniard unwilling to continue.

The deustuarra is related to Marcelo Bielsa. In this way, the Argentine will complete his second stage in Bilbao. the presidential He did not want to confirm this point: “We will provide the name when appropriate.”

The man from Bilbao will not bring to Athletic a sports director to “use” but a professional who “looks more inside, with a training curriculum.” “The market is so small that we have to sign. We are also thinking of making links with foreign clubs that have a way of acting similar to ours “. Regarding possible signings, he stated the following:” There are only but we set a goal to sign when we win. It is possible “. As for the women’s team, she also confirmed that it will include a professional “very knowledgeable about training to strengthen the quarry”.

Arechabaleta It will only give San Mamés a commercial surname if three assumptions are met: that it is a prestigious brand that meets the prestige of the rojiblanco field, that the economic offer is invaluable and that it was approved in a referendum. .

The Electoral Board will now announce the number of final endorsements for each of the three candidates. Arechabaleta this data is not considered as a primary type. “Almost nothing was said about his project. We would be doing Athletic a disservice if the vote is decided without knowing the projects ”, he said in Radio Nervion.

Source: La Verdad


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