German police are concerned about a group of 500 Serbian radical fans


According to The Guardian newspaper, the police Germany It is estimated that there are 500 radical fans of Serbia They will try to create disturbances on the occasion of the said team’s match against Englandthis Sunday at the premiere of both teams in the Euro 2024 Championship in Germany German law enforcement forces are working hard to prevent this.

Peter Pareho, police chief Gelsenkirchen (where the game is played Serbia-England), explained that the aim was to intercept the group before they could engage in confrontations with English fans. The problem, always according to police authorities, is that they need more information to identify fans who intend to cause violent episodes.

An estimated 40,000 England fans will travel to Gelsenkirchen who attended the match, UEFA declared the risk high after consulting the police Germany, Serbia and United Kingdom. Through Serbia Between 5,000 and 8,000 fans are expected.

More than a thousand policemen will manage security in Serbia-England, in addition to special units. More than 1,6000 English fans who were banned from attending football matches had to surrender their passports from June 4 to July 14 so they could not try to attend matches in Germany.

Source: La Verdad


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