By helicopter to hospital – two seriously injured in a head-on crash in Lower Austria


Two cars collided late on Monday afternoon on the L11 between Dürnkrut and Waidendorf (Lower Austria). Both drivers suffered serious injuries.

One of the two vehicles involved in the accident was an electric car. Florianis therefore set up preventive fire protection and closed the street. According to the Dürnkrut fire brigade, the service interlock plug of the electric vehicle was disconnected to interrupt the connection to the high-voltage system and minimize the danger to the rescuers.

Seriously injured in hospital
A driver had to be freed from the vehicle using hydraulic rescue equipment. Both people were seriously injured and received first aid until the Red Cross arrived. The people involved in the accident were then transported to surrounding hospitals by medical helicopter.

The road maintenance team cleared the accident site, traffic was diverted and the road was closed for the duration of the clean-up work.

Source: Krone


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