2-0: A Liverpool promise downed Andorra in Murcia with an express double


The choice of Northern Ireland beat the 2-0 match Andorra in a friendly match held this Tuesday at stadium Enrique Roca from Murciawhich was decided thanks to an express doublet of Conor Bradleypromising 20-year-old soccer player from Liverpool.

The two teams faced off last week Spainthe Northern Irish lost 5-1 in Majorca and that of the Principat which fell to 5-0 in Badajozis measured in the capital of Segura and the dominance of vegetables is clear from the start.

Northern Ireland



Northern Ireland: Peacock-Farrell; Spencer, Ballard, Brown (Donnelly, 69′); Bradley (Boyd-Munce, 76′), Shea Charles, Evans (McCausland, 69′), Lewis; Smyth (Galbraith, 61′), Marshall (Taylor, 60′); and Reid (Magennis, 60′)
TheAndorra: Iker Álvarez (Francisco Pires, 87′); San Nicolás, Eric Vales, Christian García, Max Llovera, Joan Cervós; Izan Fernández (Marc Pujol, 69′), Marc Rebés (Joel Guillén, 69′), Márcio Vieira (Joao Teixeira, 69′), Adrián Gomes (Jordi Rubio, 87′); and Cucu Fernández (Aarón Sánchez, 53′)
The objectives: 1-0, Bradley (16′); 2-0, Bradley (22′)
Referee: Jason Barcelo (Gibraltar). He showed yellow cards to Northern Irishmen Marshall (42′) and Donnelly (77′); and the Andorrans Rebés (28′), Vieira (45′) and Pujol (71′)
Incidents: The Friendly match was played at the Enrique Roca Stadium in Murcia

see the match sheet

The biggest impetus of those Michael O’Neill He was rewarded with two goals in the space of just six minutes. At 16′, Bradley a pass was taken advantage of Callum Marshall lose Iker Alvarez, goalkeeper of Villarreal B, and in the 22nd minute he scored again with a header.

The dynamic has not changed since then and only the lack of success has prevented a wider success from being recorded Northern Irelandwho hardly saw the Andorrans dangerously close to their area and had possession of the ball reaching 75%.

The students of Koldo Alvarez They didn’t shoot between the sticks – a couple of deflected shots were their only offensive baggage – so Bailey Peacock-Farrell This is never necessary.

Source: La Verdad


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