The Real, in good Portu


CPortuguese Apple Tree ‘Portu’ He is one of the great icons of this evolution of Real towards one of the powerful clubs in the League and a regular in Europe. He’s not the best on the team and more than not the most exceptional; He didn’t score the most goals – in fact he only scored one this year – or the one who shared the most assists. Nor is he the most aesthetic in his ways in the field; but it provided diversity such as the explosion and bad habit that the Real had long hoped for.The signing of For your, his career at Real and even his departure show that step the club has taken. Murcian wanted more than half of the League when Girona came down, but he went to Real, who paid a high price for him, 10 million euros. His contribution, along with Isak’s, gave the team the overflow, the ability to attack in spaces and the goal it lacked. His non -conformist character and little vinegar led him to squeeze his training colleagues, especially the younger ones, even if they bothered to get the best of themselves. And, when it’s clear that he doesn’t break like he used to break behind defense, when he doesn’t score as much as he did or assists like he used to assist, La Real opens him up. of the door for him to look better. Another thing is that the replacement will leave a mark left by Murcian and not just because of the forced penalty. Inigo in the Cup final, the most important in La Real’s history with El Molinón. For your he leaves because he wants to and because he lets go. Agur, jauna.

Source: La Verdad


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