Vrsaljko explained why he was moved at halftime and sent him a message from Dalic


Sime Vrsaljkoside of Atletico Madrid until next June 30, is one of the issues that the mattress box needs to resolve. Croatian has a renewal proposal on the table. Of course, on the downside, due to his little participation in the final courses and his physical problems.

Now you must decide if you are still in the capital Spain or if destiny is what you are looking for. So far, the player is back to have a few minutes in a game of preparation after almost a month. He did it in his country, included Croatiaand this is not good news because he needs to be replaced at the break.

The player explained the reason. Unfortunately for him it is no longer news that he has problems with games. The Croatian national team player received an accidental blow to the head in the match Denmarkand in an interview with HRT explained what it was about. “I only had a few difficulties, but I certainly had time to agree with the coach, as you know, I would come back during surgery for a minor injury I sustained (after being injured against elche). All in all, nothing serious, satisfied with three points and everything is great ”, he said. Vrsaljko.

The footballer appreciates coming back with his team. “I feel like I’m home again. Those who know me know what the national team means to me and what the environment is. I am very happy, I say it honestly from the heart, this is my second home ”, he explained that he hopes to be counted. Dalic on the contrary on Monday France. “If I can, I will play and go to the end. This isn’t the first time I’ve played this or that. I hope nothing is serious, “he said.


For its part, Zlatko DalicThe Croatian national coach spoke about his situation and why he decided to replace him at half-time in the match against Denmark. “He was absent for a long time, he played well and we don’t want him to get tired, we have to hide him. We need him and we want him back as ready and with the best possible quality. We need him in that fellowship and I’m glad he’s back after a year, “he said without revealing if Vrsaljko will play before France.

Source: La Verdad


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