Sara Gallego and Laura Redondo signed two new records for Spain


Barcelona Sarah Gallego became the first Spanish athlete to drop below the 55 -second hurdles in the 400 hurdles event, after winning the final of Iberdrola Club League which is disputed in La Nucia (Alicante) with a time of 54.87 seconds.

Gallego reduced by 33 hundredths the previous national record he had himself to a time of 55.20 since July 2021, when he won a silver medal at the U23 European Championships held in Tallinn.


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A record that allowed Gallego, 21, to confirm his presence both in World Cups to be played next July at Eugene (USA) which request a minimum of 55.40 seconds, as for those Europeans held in August Munich where a time of 55.85 seconds is required.

In fact, by the time he was signed this Saturday at La Nucía, the FC Barcelona athlete had climbed to eighteenth position in the world rankings for the year and seventh in the European “ranking” for the year.

For its part, Laura Round He broke the Spanish hammer throw record for the second time last week, after signing a new national record on Saturday with a record of 71.63 meters in the same competition.

Redondo (FC Barcelona) surpassed the Spanish record he set on Sunday, June 5, in Tarragona by 23 centimeters on the throw of 71.40 meters.

The athlete from Gavà, who started the competition with a throw of 69.67 meters, overcame the 71-meter barrier on his second attempt with an attempt of 71.07 meters.

A mark that Redondo improved, after signing three failed attempts, in his sixth and final launch where he sent the device up to 71.63 meters.

Record at 100 kilometers

On the other hand, in Santander, the champion of the Spanish Marathon in 2021, Mary Mercedes Pilawon and was able to break the Spanish record in the 100 km distance at the Spanish championship held this Saturday in Santander, with a time of 7:55:55, while in the men, Antonio Jesús Aguilar was crowned as the new national champion.

The Spanish athlete, of Ecuadorian origin, was able to finish 20 laps of the fast circuit enabled at Santander park of La Vaguada de Las Llamas in almost a minute and a half longer than the previous national record (7:58:50), achieved by Alicia Pérez in 2018. Along with Pila, Carmen Pérez (8:08:03) and Janine Lima (8:46:59) graduated with honor positions.

For his part, it was also clear that Antonio Jesús Aguilar led the test in the men’s category to get the victory with a time of 6:39:38, the sixth fastest time in this test in Spain, followed by José Antonio Urbaneja ( 6:52). : 36) and Antonio Daniel Moreno (7:09:42), who rose two and three spots, respectively, relative to the previous national championship.

In the Spanish 50 km championship, Carlos Gazapo, Spanish Marathon champion last year in Tenerife, and Itziar Méndez, in the women’s category, were the winners of the event held in Santander.

The man from Extremadura finished 10 laps of the Las Llamas circuit in a time of 3:00:07. After him, the podium was completed by Severino Felipe from Albacete (3:01:54), repeated the position from last year, and Rubén Martínez from León (3:03:43).

In the women, Itziar Méndez (3:52:43), leading the second classified, Eva Pareja, clearly won in three and a half minutes (3:56:16) and in almost fifteen to third, Laura Pineda (4:07:22).

Source: La Verdad


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