Vivian winked at Laporte


Vivian winked at Laporte

They lived premiered in European Cup against Albania. With the first position and the ticket to the round of 16 in his pocket, From the origin He commanded a massive rotation and gave chances to all those who did not play in the first two days. The protector of Athletic he shared the axis of defense in the first act with Laportewhich seems to be a possible reinforcement of the Bilbao team.

Gasteiztarran winked at the player from Al-Nasr at the end of the crash. “He is a super competitive player, a winner, with a lot of experience, who makes a group. “Everything is good words towards him and how he treats us all,” said Vivian in the mixed zone of Duesseldorf Arena.

Laporte He has been the center of criticism of the Spanish team for his state of form and on Saturday he appeared to defend himself and asked them not to continue the “slander” with these comments. “There is not much information to give much opinion. It bothered me a lot and I thought ‘am I doing things wrong?'”, he continued. They lived He emphasized that the man from Agen “is a phenomenal person and “at any time” he had a bad time in concentration.

In sports, the red and white player highlighted the “perfect group phase” he had achieved Spain, “without losing and winning all the games.” “You can’t ask for more,” added the defender. Looking at the future of the tournament, he did not consider them the team to “beat” and decided not to look beyond the round of 16. Although without giving up on anything: “You don’t have to put any ceiling on yourself, you know what it is, what we want to achieve, what we want to aspire to and what we want to win.”

Source: La Verdad


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