Le Normand, mentioned; Oyarzabal, invisible


Le Normand, mentioned;  Oyarzabal, invisible

The five royalists of the Spanish team extend their presence in the Eurocup until next Friday, July 5 (6 pm), when they will fight in another life-or-death duel against the host, Germany, in the quarterfinals, after the Hispanic victory against Georgia (4-1). The txuri urdin repoker – if it remains intact – will therefore arrive five days later in Zubieta in the pre-season. In the new victory of ‘la Roja’, the fourth out of four, they participated Le Normand in the beginning, protagonist of own purpose, Mikel Oyarzabalinvisible to his teammates on the goal line, and Mikel Merinowho won the ball 4-1 from Olmo.

The performance of Le Normand, no doubt, was definitely marked by his own goal, which was Spain’s first conceded in the entire championship. There was an element of bad luck in that action in the 18th minute, but there was also a technical error by the Breton centre-back, who was waiting for the cross. Kakabadze poorly outlined from the right. The realist felt the presence of Kvaratskhelia ready to shoot for goal and continued with his body, where he hit the ball before entering half-height near the post in the goal of Simon.

After that action, Le Normand He suffered because he had to stop, especially Kvaratskhelia in the open field Carvajal focused on the attack. The Real center back had the virtue of recovering and stealing a couple of balls from two strikers for getting his foot in with little risk, although a penalty was played. Mikautadzewhich he held in place when the Georgian destroyed him.

They did not see Oyarzabal

Oyarzabal, for his part, came out in the 65th minute for Morata and gave the goal pass to Elm at 4-1. However, he had three clear chances to score in three games where he was ready to score in an empty net, but they didn’t give it to him. Nico Williams twice and Lamine Yamal.

Mikel Merino came off in the 81st minute Fabian and won the aerial duel before the goal Elm. Remiro and Zubimendi They didn’t play.

Source: La Verdad


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