Hamilton’s harsh confession after his victory: “I had mental health problems, days when I couldn’t get out of bed”


Hamilton’s harsh confession after his victory: “I had mental health problems, days when I couldn’t get out of bed”

He has won more races than anyone in F1 history. At least 104. And yesterday didn’t help him secure his long-awaited eighth title, or even put him in contention for one more title than Verstappen. But certainly, the victory this Sunday is one of the emotional and special for Lewis Hamilton. He won again after a long and difficult journey through the desert that seemed to have no end. And above all, after the inner suffering that no one knows.

Lewis Hamilton had the dominant car from 2014 to 2020 and one of the two best in 2021. In those 8 years he broke almost all records and added 81 wins with Mercedes and 6 titles for a total of 7 crowns, same as Schumacher. He’s used to winning almost every week. He achieved 11 wins in 19 races in 2014, 11 in 21 in 2018 and 2019 and 10 in 22 in an exciting 2021 thanks to his fight with Max. But as he lost the memorable and controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi GP to Max, his last victory still came at the previous event at Arabia 2021, on December 5. After 2 years, 7 months and 2 days, a total of 945 days, Lewis Hamilton found glory again.

“Today means so much… it’s the most incredible honour, to be on the top step of the podium here at Silverstone. I think now my heart is still beating. There have been so many amazing what we experienced here was a moment; and now “It was the most emotional ending to a victory that I have ever had,” he said after hugging his father and mother, unable to hold back his tears.

No wonder he cried as if he had won another crown. That success means more than most. The revival of a legend who, starting next year, will pursue his dream of an eighth title wearing Ferrari red. That to a champion who has been injured since the finale with Max in 2021 where he believes his racing direction stole his crown. Since then, the 7-time king has made it clear again that despite his good hands, in F1 if you don’t have a good car you won’t win, and without the dominant car, it won’t sweep like it used to. . Without a good car, Lewis wouldn’t have won. Until Silverstone 2024.

Her revelation: “there are days I can’t get out of bed”

“It’s been a really demanding few yearsfor everyone on the team. AND, Knowing how hard it all went to get back, I think it was a really emotional release.”argument.

And at a press conference, he was surprised to learn that he had “mental health problems.”

“It feels different in previous races, and particularly in races where you’ve won back-to-back or seasons where you’ve had a lot of wins. I think with the adversity we’ve gone through as a team, and personally I feel like I’ve that. , those challenges, the constant challenge that we all have to get up every day and give our best… There are so many times when you feel like your best isn’t good enough, and the frustration you can feel at times. We live in a time where mental health is a serious issue, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve experienced it.”revealed.

“There were times when I thought it was over, that it would never happen again,” he said about not winning again. “So to have this feeling crossing the line, I think I’ve honestly never cried after a win… It just came out of me. It’s a really, really great feeling. I’m very, very grateful for it,” he added.

“I waited longer than I should have for this success. But I had mental health problems along the way. Something that bothered me when I was younger, but it was a very difficult time.”commented on the matter.

“Trying to come every day with a positive mindset, getting to the garage and staying motivated, training… and there are days when I can’t get out of bed. Days where I think it’s never going to happen again. , that it could be that’s the end. “I’m glad I persevered.”he insisted.

“I think what’s important is how you keep getting back up and you have to keep going deeper even when you feel like you’re at rock bottom.”. I mean, There will definitely be days between 2021 and now where I feel like I’m not good enough or I’m going back to where I am now. But the important thing is that I have great people around me who continue to support me and my team. Every time I show up and see them working hard, it really encourages me to do the same. And also, my fans, when I see them around the world, have been very supportive… So a big, big thank you to everyone in the factory, to everyone here. I love you, and God bless you,” he exclaimed.

Suffered since 2022

Since the start of the new regulation in 2022, Hamilton had to swim against the tide. He had tensions with the team when he disagreed with the concept without the pontoons they had built and when he disagreed again when the team decided to go ahead with it in 2023. And finally, he decided to surprise announce that he will leave for Ferrari in 2025, So leaving behind what he always says is his great family, the team of his life, where he always says he will finish his career.

This course is still very difficult. His teammate Russell passes him, especially at one turn, with 10-2 in favor of George in ‘qually’. And Hamilton, as Toto Wolff told MD, is very critical of himself for not raising his level or feeling comfortable in the car. “I think Lewis is very self-critical. A lot”, said the Austrian. And at the same time, Lewis’ great efforts in these two and a half years to help the team stand out, until 2024, without reaping any fruits.

“The Lewis of the last 2 and a half years has been very good for the team because he did not lose confidence in 2022 and 2023. And his collaboration now at the beginning of 2024 is also very good. This is a Lewis who would not have been able to do what he was doing when he started at Mercedes. He’s older, he’s more mature, he’s seen everything and in terms of the best driving… I look back at the two races in Barcelona and I see good overtakes, good defense, good race pace and a podium. So it’s still there.”He said Wolff to MD. And this was very clear at Silverstone, where Lewis nailed it and started to make a difference when the first raindrops appeared, but then also with his speed and coolness in reading the race.

On difficult days, hands and experience come out

Yesterday, Hamilton stood out in his class in tricky conditions, but also in having a team that remembers how to win. They optimize their chances in a crazy race, a roller coaster where there are 5 pilots with a chance to win because of the rain.

Water appeared on two occasions. For the first time, the drivers had to fight with dry tires and Lewis led a great attack on a skating rink. But the McLarens, with good speed in the rain, took the first place from him. Norris once again had the best car to chase victory again. But he missed it again due to more mistakes. When it rained again and the drivers stopped to put in intermediates, Norris was leading. Everyone knows that the rain will stop and the decisive moment of the race may be the last stop, to put on dry tires. Hamilton stopped a lap early. He launched his attack. And in his pit stop, Norris overbranded and lost a few key seconds. But also, his team used the soft tire and not the medium, which could have given him the victory over a Hamilton who only had the soft.

“It was a tough race out there. The changing conditions made it a real challenge. We kept a cool head, however, and made the right decision at the right time to reinstall the slicks. That allowed us to regain first place in the race; and from there, take it home,” argued Lewis. His and Mercedes’ experience in moments like this made the difference against a Lorris and McLaren that still need to improve a lot to aim for everything. They have one of the best car ever, but still a lot to learn and improve.

So, Verstappen, who started with a bad pace but recovered with a good strategy, overtook Lando Norris with a worse car by installing better tires at the end. Max was just a few laps away from chasing Lewis and the 2021 head-to-head was revived at Silverstone, where they both collided. He was 1.5 behind a Hamilton who yesterday was his usual self again, albeit crying as usual.

Source: La Verdad


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