Alcaraz sets off all the alarms at Wimbledon


Alcaraz sets off all the alarms at Wimbledon

Tommy Paul scratched the first set Carlos Alcarazbut his fifth match, first outside the hard court, inevitably sidelined the reigning champion at Wimbledon, which in the last stage of this quarterfinal match the American lost.

The Spaniard suffered his characteristic ups and downs against Frances Tiafoe, especially, and against Ugo Humbert. Against Paul, with whom he is tied for wins and losses (2-2), a rival who always fights him, he had to find a way to hurt him on a very punishing grass Court 1, with dirt underneath and bounce irregular.

He found it. And when it accelerates, it spreads terror. It imposes. Tommy Paul He admitted that he experienced a certain helplessness. “Alcaraz moves incredibly. He is probably the fastest player. It is very difficult to beat him,” he analyzed.

The North American emphasized the grass factor as a boost to the Murcian’s fast and versatile tennis. “The grass suits him. He moves amazingly on the grass. It’s not easy to change direction like he does. He always stays low (squatting), and it’s not easy.”

Furthermore, “in the last sets he won a lot. That helps. When he generates energy, he gets momentum, he’s different. He can play incredible tennis. And if he wins the you an incredible point, one of those crazy points, It’s like it rises and rolls.”

When Carlos Alcaraz is Carlos Alcaraz, All alarms are ringing at Wimbledon. Tommy Paul He clearly reflected the feeling in the locker room as the Murcian entered a positive phase. He can be intractable, because he does everything, attacking and defending with more watts than his opponents can.

Also Russian Daniel Medvedev his opponent on Friday in the semifinals, spoke about the qualities that make Alcaraz special. “To be honest, everything,” said the Muscovite.

He went deeper into the analysis. “It’s easy for him to generate shots. I watched a little bit of his match with Paul, when he was finishing. As soon as he had a chance, he made the shot and went in. He was on. That’s what was difficult about the match. him, you know that it doesn’t matter where you are that a winner will hit you, so try to make his life difficult by hitting as much as you can. Medvedev.

He emphasized that “it is very special because there are not many players like him. Carlos “He can hit a winner from any position on the court, so it’s not easy to play against him.”

An x-ray of the power of Carlos Alcaraz which the Murcian translates as a fortress. Rivals always feel a difficult, complex game. “I’m happy that my opponent thinks I can make great shots from any position on the court. From attack or defense I am capable of returning or launching an incredible shot that will be a winner,” he congratulated himself.

Although, forewarned, because there is also praise on his part for Medvedev. “It’s like a wall, you can reach everything. You know no matter what you hit, the ball will come back. It’s the most special thing about it.”

Source: La Verdad


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