Hospital tragedy in Kiev: dozens of parts of a Russian rocket found


Hospital tragedy in Kiev: dozens of parts of a Russian rocket found

After the devastating missile hit a children’s hospital in the capital Kiev, the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice published evidence of a Russian missile. More than 30 fragments of a Kh-101 were found.

“Specific design features of the found debris and associated typical markings indicate the use of a Kh-101 strategic cruise missile,” Deputy Justice Minister Andriy Haychenko said in a statement.

Such missiles have a warhead of about 400 kilograms and a range of up to 5,000 kilometers. In total, more than thirty fragments of the missile were found, including parts of the engine and wings.

The Kremlin denies guilt
The Ukrainian secret service SBU had earlier presented photos of debris from a Kh-101 missile. The Kremlin claims that the clinic building was hit by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile.

On Monday, a rocket hit a two-story building on the grounds of the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kiev. Two adults, including a doctor, were killed. More than 30 people, including at least eight children, were wounded. More than 30 civilians were killed in the city of three million in the most violent rocket attack on targets in the capital since the beginning of the year.

Ukraine has been defending a Russian invasion for over two years. Russian missile and drone attacks also regularly hit civilian objects. Kiev is constantly pushing its Western allies to provide more air defense systems.

Source: Krone


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