What it is and what it is … the 10 great moments of Super Depor


Nostalgia, the glorious past that is still there no matter how far away it is The comfort these days for Deportivo fans. The same fun yesterday also to whom any strange football fan suddenly traveled when he heard about Depor today, news after kidnapping his Albacete on Saturday promotion of the Second. The Galician team must endure at least a year in the First Federation.

We remember in chronological order the most beautiful moments of Super Sport in the 90s and early 2000s that dazzled everyone. Not only for his exploits, but also for his football: for that team they parked Bebeto, Djalminha, Djukic, Liaño, Fran, Mauro Silva, Donato, Manuel Pablo, Makaay, Valerón…



Madrid, witnessed the birth of Super Depor

The Madrid of Fifth of the Vulturewith Benito Floro at the controls, was the one to attend the birth of that Super Depor that would live more than a decade into the comeback set in the blue and white feud in 1992 after winning 0-2. Bebeto (2) and Rocha’s own goal will be 3-2. is almost not fulfilled a year after Deportivo’s return to Primera, but something big started to guess.




Djukic’s punishment

Tears and no smiles cover the first great peak moment of Super Dépor in the battle for the titles. He cried with that League runner-up, but it caused him to respect himself. The famous penalty against Valencia in the last minute of the final day marked by Djukic -or stopped by Jose Luis Vazquez, eased the League’s short journey to the other end of the Peninsula when Barça fulfilled its part and beat Sevilla. Dépor was defeated but the team was tortured Dream Team of Cruyff.



nineteen ninety -five

The cup of rain

The first ecstasy came at the Bernabéu and it wasn’t the only one. The witness, the same Valencia a year before left the illusion of the first title in the ruins. A Cup final surrounded by the mystique of rain, which prevented the match in the 79th minute with a score of 1-1. The match resumed three days later and an Alfredo goal in extra time opened Depor’s record of honors. Idyllic farewell to Arsenio Iglesias, the instigator of that great team in the 90s.



nineteen ninety -five

The first title stolen from Madrid

Deportivo has three Super Cups in Spain on its record, three won in its Golden Age and the first against Real Madrid de Buyo, Sanchís, Hierro, Redondo … under the direction of George Valdano. Victory 3-0 in the first leg and 1-2 in the second leg included Txiki Begiristain as the author of the second purpose. Toshack coached a Depor team that led to Madrid losing its first title. The next one who loses to him will be more painful …




the first league

Javier Irureta He continued the good story that Iglesias started when he came to the bench in 1998 and added chapters and more chapters. The first of them, the 2000 League, is competition that seems to be reserved only for the upper classes because of the need for regularity. But with the lack of points in that championship – 69 was enough for Depor in a League with victories with three points – the Galicians were the best, beating Barça (64) and Valencia (64). Roy Makay he kissed the nets 22 times. The first and only Deportivo League to date and the first at that time has not been won by Barça, Real Madrid or Barcelona since the Athletic title in 1984.




Djalminha’s lambretta

In the story of the same League of 2000, it is told a scary freak created by an outrageous player like Djalminha, as if that night he decided to put all the genius of Brazilian football into one action in his lambretta to help Víctor, who ultimately failed to score. The privileged spectator, again a real Madrid blushing double at 5-2 and the midfielder’s holy grail. Djalminha converted another work of art that day with a free kick but his most memorable goal was the one that was never scored, something only the nominees could reach.




The guest to take the Madrid Cup from the showcases

A drink at home to celebrate 100 years. Everything was ready for the ceremony and Depor, more than an opponent in the final, seemed set to land at the Bernabéu like the witness who climbed the altar to deliver the ring to the whites. But Irureta’s team turned out to be a rude guest, the most rude, Diego Tristán, who responded to the rudeness of Madrid’s rejection two years ago with a goal before the break followed by Sergio. Raúl’s goal is barren and what will be the Bone Wedding is to be baptized as ‘Centenariazo’.




Tristan’s hat-trick in 12 minutes

Super Depor in the early 2000s was among its leaders a Diego Tristan destructive player who scored 110 goals for the Blue and Whites between 2000 and 2006, who declared himself top scorer of the league in 2002 with 22 goals. But among the Andalusian striker’s most memorable performances, the short-lived goalscoring power shown against Mallorca in the 2/1 season is memorable: a hat-trick in just 12 minutes (21 ’, 27’ and 33 ’) at 5-0 by Depor in front of the vermilions.

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The peak of returns

The top of Super Depor. The 4-1 of the San Siro in the first leg with Milan’s great AncelottiSi, current European champion, on the other side of the pitch suggested something like the paradigm of comebacks to play the Champions League semifinals. And it happened. On that night of April 7, 2004, Deportivo drove Riazor and the whole of Spain crazy with a 4-0 scoreline signed by Pandiani, Valerón, Luque and Fran.

After the 3-0 break, it can’t be a sportsman like ‘o neno’ who gave a romantic last touch on a night of bad memories for Shevchenko, Maldini, Seedorf and company. That monument to the returns was the last task and the top of Super Depor, which was eliminated in the semifinals of Port by Mourinho. The following season, away from the team in the first stage, was the last in the Champions League for a Deportivo accustomed to smiling against the greats in Europe: Milan, Juventus, Bayern, Manchester United …




Riazor, 20 years of grief for Madrid

Beyond Centenariazo and back in 1992, there was a chance that Riazor meant misfortune for Real Madrid, even beyond the Super Depor years. Between 1991 and 2010, whites accumulated Two decades no success on that Atlantic coast, inclusive serious routes in the League: 4-0 at 93-94, 3-0 at 95-96 with a hat-trick from baby5-2 at 99-00 and 3-0 at 01-02.

Source: La Verdad


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