A quarter of a century from Tyson’s bite to Holyfield’s ear


This Tuesday, the 25th anniversary of his bite on Evander Holyfield’s ear, the sports world will recognize Mike Tyson as one of the most feared fighters of the 20th centurybut they will remember him for his cannibalistic episode.

In Las Vegas, Tyson went out to collect a debt from Evander, who fired him last year. Impotent because he lost the first two rounds, angry at the received headbutts, he went to his rival and not caring that he was punished with a point for biting him, he persisted and tore a piece of his ear.

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Why did Mike? Finding an explanation for Tyson’s behavior was a waste of time. What most psychologists say is that the way Mike is is his way of expressing rebellion against a world that has crushed him since he was a child, where he has come out to charge insults.

As a result of a broken family, with an neglected father, and mired in poverty, Mike suffered bullying at school and soon had a defiance that some scholars interpreted as his way of rebelling against his unjust life.

Since he debuted as a professional in March 1985, an image of disregard for rules has been created, the one who had been dragged since childhood, when he was recognized as a bad boy in the neighborhood.

Despite his short stature, 1.78 meters, “Iron” Tyson marked a season as one of the most powerful fighters. It had great speed, a brutal punch and an impact-proof body, which allowed him to move forward with a captivating instinct.

In November 1996, at the age of 30, he was for God, but Holifield lowered him from the cloud. After dominating him in a match in Las Vegas, he knocked him out in the 11th round to pin him for his second defeat.

The millionaire’s revenge was agreed for the same spot on June 28, 1997a day that marked the history of boxing and by Tyson, the main character of this unique boxing event and one of the most unique in the history of the sport.

Holyfield took advantage of the first two rounds. Scorecards from jurors Duane Ford, Chick Giampa and Jerry Roth gave Evander a 20-18 lead against a desperate Tyson who claimed tickets to his rival’s head.

Frustrated, “Iron” bit Evander. He was punished by one point, but it was for more and as a despicable man from prehistory, he tore a piece of his opponent’s ear, which he disqualified in the third round.

He has the media. In the way of the old days, he presented himself as a victim again, but this time no one understood him, as happened when he lived as a child where he was found at night, sometimes in dirty places. , no water or light.

like a donkey“, he said when asked years later about his rival’s ear, which he mocked by setting up the” Mike bites “business, with Evander’s ear-shaped cannabis gummies. Mike concluded that with 50 wins, 44 for knockouts, six losses and a history of scandals that include street fights, rape and incarceration time.

He was a giant, but this Tuesday, 25 years later, he will be remembered as a small man, or at least uncivilized, for taking a piece of his body from a lone rival who surpassed him by two times. Or maybe people aren’t too cruel and just interpret the event as a story from the past, something as funny as the advertising video that spread in 2018 where Tyson knocked on Holyfield’s door, gave him a small box with his piece of ear and hugged him. .

Source: La Verdad


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