Gentile’s brutal scoring of Maradona turned 40


Gentile’s brutal scoring of Maradona turned 40

One of the most striking pictures of World Cup in Spain 1982 that goes down in history is the brutal scoring to which he has undergone Diego Armando Maradona by Claudius Gentile in an unforgettable Italy-Argentina played a hot afternoon on June 29, 1982 so far gone Sarria Stadium in Barcelona and that ended in a 2-1 victory for ‘Azzurra’.

Son of the Sicilians immigrated to Libya, gentlywhich at that time was named ‘Gaddafi’, he had a reputation for being tough and one of the most feared defenders at the time. He is a legendary soccer player Juventuswhere he played 414 games in 11 seasons, which also became a regular for the transalpine national team, where he played 71 games from 1975 to 1984.

in his day, gently Told the ‘secret’ of his very hard scoring on Maradona, which is the incarnation of danger on a pitch. “I was watching videos two days before the game. I didn’t know how to do it but it was clear to me what I had to do. I couldn’t allow Maradona to turn around, that the ball was in front of us. Goal. He did. this once and I can’t stop him. Avoiding him is the beginning of success. I know now I will never repeat the scoring I did to him “, the Italian admits.

The Gentile became Maradona’s shadow and he was not allowed to breathe even a second as he continued to attack with a horrible man-to-man mark. The Italian defender offered a wonderful repertoire of abruptness. He didn’t stop kicking, holding, kicking and pushing her so she couldn’t play ball. was able to Diego despair and have a yellow card.

Italy-Argentina de Sarrià referee, Romanian Nicola Rainea, was prevented by Gentile violence and, although he pointed out most of his fouls, it took him 41 minutes to get his attention. According to the MD chronicle of that meeting where the sparks flew, over 40 balls were played in between Gently and Maradona, lost the Italian in 35.

The ‘fluff’ He always remembered that game and the reference was to the Gentile, he came to testify. “Every time I try to accept the ball, it hits my legs. I can’t turn around ….They didn’t drive him away! That’s what I can’t believe, it’s not his fault, it’s the referees ’fault,” he lamented.

Gentile, for his part, ensured that “Maradona is insulting me, my mother …He told me everything, but that made me even more motivated and I started thinking: ‘I’m fine.’ He tried to provoke me, he hoped I would go crazy. ”

then Italy-Argentinawhen they comment on the statements of Maradona against him, the Italian replied: “Football is not for dancers.” However, on the occasion of Diego’s death, at the end of 2020, the Italian, who is currently 68 years old, did not hide his admire ‘Fluff’. “As a player I can only bow to his greatness,” he said.

Pictures of Maradona, crying, helpless, at the end of the game they travel the world. Sarrià is a funeral for the albicelestewhich fell in the second period against the goals of the Italians Marco Tardelli (57 ‘) at Anthony Cabrini (67 ‘). One last bit of Daniel Passarellafrom a direct free kick in the 83rd minute, was useless.

after a few days, gently raised the World Cup in the sky of Santiago Bernabeu with the then president of Italy, Sandro Pertinias a euphoric witness, in a 3-1 victory over West Germany, thanks to goals from Paolo Rossi, Marco Tardelli and Alessandro Altobelli.

Source: La Verdad


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