Casemiro made Ancelotti cry


Carlos Henrique Casemiro emerge from real Madrid in the summer of 2022 with 18 titles won, including five Champions. The Brazilian midfielder wanted new challenges in football and ended up joining the Manchester United, who paid 70 million euros to acquire their services (60 plus 10 in variables).

In an interview with ‘El Chiringuito’, Casemiro confessed his departure from the club Old Trafford left very touched Carlo Ancelotti. “I only once doubted going to United. I just had to sign. And I go to talk to Ancelotti and when I enter his office he is crying. He told me that he loved me a lot and that I should not leave. .. but I have given my word to United,” he revealed.

About his decision to leave real MadridCasemiro commented “I want new things, a new challenge. I’ve won everything. It wasn’t easy because people didn’t let me go down that easily. But I’m clear about it. “United have been very good to me since day one.” The decision? This is after winning the Champions League. “He was at a very good age and had the strength to continue studying,” he added.

Casemiro admits he suffered watching Real Madrid’s worrying classification in Etihad for the semi-finals of the Champions League. “I suffered as a Madrid fan. Of course Madrid passed but I suffered for Madrid. I know that, City have very good players and an incredible coach, who knows what he is playing. Madrid defended, defended and defended. “I’m very happy for my former teammates,” he commented.

In his opinion it is “difficult to explain” the ‘eternal’ love affair that Real Madrid maintains with its favorite competition, the European Cup. “This is a team that has been transformed into the Champions League. It has star points. Haaland’s ball hit the crossbar and went out… this team in the Champions League is something incredible. DNA wins. If you only won the League, why didn’t you win the Champions League? Like that. The demand does not tire you, it is satisfying. You always have to press. “That’s how it is to play for Madrid, the pressure every day,” he said.

Casemiro also praised Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. We enjoyed it and we don’t know what Messi did, what Cristiano did. We don’t appreciate what Cristiano has done in football and what he is doing, last year he scored 50 goals. What do you say to a player like that?” he asked.

About more than likely signing of Kylian Mbappé for him real Madrid for the next season, the Brazilian midfielder featured as the star of PSG “He was one of the best moments, if not the best. Very fast, smart… He has a step, he is a bug. He reminds me a lot of Christians. He is on the field, but he is in danger of scoring. Cristiano is like that, he smells the goal. You should be worried because he will score a goal. Cris is not good, but you can tell he can score. Those are star players and Mbappé has that. Against Barça the other day he didn’t have a good game, he finished and left with two goals. Smell the farm,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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