Javier Tebas is a champion of the fight against piracy also from the United States


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebasappeared this Wednesday in Miami (USA) during the ‘Intellectual Property Summit’ to defend his fight against piracy in front of an expert audience.

“If you go to Google and put in ‘I want to buy cocaine’ or ‘sex children’ nothing comes up. But if you put in ‘free soccer sport’ it comes up. Some are more serious crimes, but others like this, which is theft, does not do the same thing”Tebas said in his presentation, comparing the limitations that exist in other illegal cases.

“We have to lead this fight because if they steal your product it will be worth less later. For more than eleven years we have led a very clear project of piracy from the field of technology and legal . We are the people who know the most about what’s going on with piracy,” he added.

The main obstacle to their goal, according to Tebas, is found in the legal field. “The technological battle against piracy is solved, we have it. What is not solved are legal weapons because we have to go to every territory.. In each country the approach should be different because of how they define intellectual property there. Technologically, we know everything, now there are 46,000 illegal IPs broadcasting, we know on which server they are hosted,” he assured.

In this sense, Tebas highlighted the work of the team working from his institution in the fight against piracy. “This is a team that has been working for ten years. We were able to get some of the hackers who worked for evil to now work for good,” he said.

One of the proper names he likes to point out is the company name Magic TV, which according to Tebas operates in Latin America and broadcasts content for which it does not own the rights, among others, LaLiga matches. “Magic TV advertises at bus stops. And it’s a real pirate, technologically I found them. And they broadcast a lot of content for 10 dollars, even Netflix, with incredible courage, has never seen anything like it. Let’s see if we can put that person in jail,” he stressed.

One thing that stands out, according to the head of LaLiga, is the pirate signal “Every day the illegally released products are of higher quality” and “it is impossible to differentiate the two signals in terms of quality.”

Also, Tebas also wants to highlight the ease of accessing illegal content. “On Telegram and Discord there are groups of 50 and 60 thousand people, in all languages, with links to view illegal content. In Spain, they were going to ban Telegram for piracy, in the end the judge who was willing to do it backed out. They and Discord provide a lot of information on how you can get this content,” he argued.

“We will also follow Meta because this is also happening in the WhatsApp communities and they are not cooperating to help clear it up,” he added.

Considering what the situation could be in the short and medium term, Tebas is clear: “I hope because we have the technology to know everything that has been hacked and when new techniques appear. We are investing a lot in technology to know and attack if necessary. At the moment we will not exceed that limit because instead of putting the pirate in jail, they put us.”

“There is more than an 18-20% increase, there is still a lot of piracy. We are losing billions of euros, many of these pirates will pay,” he added.

Finally, Tebas said that there are already immediate steps being taken outside of Spain. “Today we will open a laboratory in the United Arab Emirates with its Government. There has been political will on its part to lead a real fight against piracy. There they make laws faster than in other places. There is a desire to cut and they see that technology is needed to cut it,” he stated.

Source: La Verdad


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