Spain’s list for the 2022 Oregon Athletics World Championships


Spain’s list for the 2022 Oregon Athletics World Championships

This Thursday, the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation announced the final list of athletes who will participate in the next World Cup in Oregon (United States), in Eugene, held from July 15 to 24 of the same month.

For the first time in history, the United States will host the World Championship. The Hayward Field stadium at the University of Oregon, with a capacity for 30,000 spectators, will be the center of the world’s athletes in the second half of July. There, a total of 55 athletes, 33 men and 22 women represented Spain in the United States after meeting the criteria established by the coach José Peiró and the Sports Directorate of RFEA.

It is about cfourth largest delegation in history for a World Championship, after Seville 1999 (78 athletes), Tokyo 1991 (58 athletes) and London 2017 (56 athletes). The Spanish athletics team along with nine athletes who achieved finalist positions at the Tokyo Olympics: Eusebio Cáceres, Álvaro Martín, María Pérez, Marc Tur, Adrián Ben, Adel Mechaal, Diego García, Asier Martínez and Mohamed Katir.

Below is the complete list provided by RFEA:

Spain’s list for the World Cup in Oregon


800m Alvaro de Arriba, Adrian Ben, Mariano Garcia

1,500m Mario Garcia, Mohamed Katir, Adel Mechaal

5,000m Adel Mechaal

10,000m Carlos Mayo

110 m hurdles Enrique Llopis, Asier Martinez

3,000m hurdles Daniel Arce, Sebastian Martos, Victor Ruiz

Haba Eusebio Cáceres, Héctor Santos

Triple Pablo Torrijos

Weigh Carlos Tobalina

Hammer Javier Cienfuegos

Javelin Manu Quijera

20 km walk Alberto Amezcua, Diego García, Álvaro Martín

35 km march Álvaro López, Miguel Ángel López, Marc Tur

4x100m Alberto Calero, Bernat Canet, Jesus Gomez, Sergio Lopez, Pablo Montalvo, Pol Retamal


100m Maribel Perez

1,500m Marta Perez

400m hurdles Sara Gallego

3,000 m steeplechase Carolina Robles, Irene Sánchez-Escribano

Haba Fatima Diame

Belen Toimil Weight

Laura Round Hammer

Heptathlon Claudia Conte

Maria Perez walk 20 km

35 km walk Laura García-Caro, Raquel González

4×100 m Jaël Sakura Bestué, Lucía Carrillo, Carmen Marco, Sonia Molina-Prados, Maribel Pérez, Paula Sevilla

4×400 m Carmen Avilés, Aauri Lorena Bokesa, Laura Bou, Sara Gallego, Laura Hernández, Eva Santidrián.

4×400 m mixed Iñaki Cañal, Sara Gallego, Samuel García, Laura Hernández, Óscar Husillos, Eva Santidrián.

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Source: La Verdad


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