Good news for Alejandro Valverde after being run over while training


The cyclist Alejandro Valverde is already recovering at home from injuries sustained in the anger he victimized this Saturday. while cycling with other runners in the Murcian district of Javalí Viejo and is available to compete in the Tour of Spain which starts on August 19 in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

The one from Las Lumbreras, 42, who faced his final season as a professional, He was discharged the same Saturday night after staying under observation at Virgen de la Arrixaca El Palmar, where he was transferred along with another companion -Pedro Moya-, who was also run over by a 69-year-old driver who fled and after a few hours surrendered himself to the Murcia Local Police.

It happened after being noticed by a motorist driving on the RM 560 road where the accident happened, according to Antonio Sánchez, Valverde’s representative.

The delivery was at the La Alberca de Las Torres district police station, where the man resides and could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.

The vehicle that collided with the cyclists was stopped by anyone behind the wheel after receiving insults from members of the group of cyclists who saw how it passed quickly next to him without respecting the set meter and a half distance.

The driver backed away and then accelerated to hit the jocks, according to witnesses.

Valverde, who was dizzy on the ground at the time of the accident and had his bicycle destroyed, He is not competing in the Tour de France with his team, Movistar, and took advantage of Saturday morning to prepare for the Vuelta a España.

Since the serious incident remains “a fear”, as Valverde himself has indicated on his social networks, El Bala will be ready to return to training within a few days with his mind on his final involvement.

Valverde, who was first treated with asphalt by health personnel who went to the point where the accident occurred and then examined in Arrixaca, only bruises, as confirmed by the scanner and MRI performed.

Source: La Verdad


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