Binotto applauds Sainz’s radio and blames Ocon for Leclerc’s misfortune


ferrari stopped at Carlos Sainz with the output of ‘Safety Vehicle’ at the end of the race British F1 GP to protect the Leclerc with old tires. Ferrari can only choose to stop Leclerc (leader with old tires) or Sainz (second with more broken tires). And he chose to stop Carlos because his tires were younger. The opposite option would put the team’s success at greater risk. They asked the Spaniard to leave 10 vehicles away from Leclerc at the start to give Charles a “break”. But Carlos refused when Lewis and Pérez insisted: “Guys, I’m under pressure from Hamilton. Please don’t ask for these things. Let’s stop making it up. Let’s stop making it up. I’m under pressure too. Trust me, we’ll lose more by doing that . “ The outcome is already known: Sainz won and Leclerc went from first to fourth.

After the race, Mattia Binottoboss ferrarithey asked him if he was satisfied with Sainz’s radio rejection, a question he wanted to clarify that Carlos did not refuse, but he explained his situation and acted correctly in the circumstances he needed to ensure Ferrari’s success.

“Not only was it good, but I was very happy with Carlos’ behavior, because, for example, when we asked him to change positions as before, he did so immediately without discussion. said the Ferrari Team Principal. “And when we told him to give Charles a break after the‘ Safety Car ’reboot, what he said was that he didn’t want to do it anymore, he didn’t want to do it, he told the guys behind me. would be very aggressive so I have to protect myself. and try to react in any way, so let me, ‘”he added, noting that” Carlos understood what the intention was “and that he was” happy “with his performance.

He doesn’t believe the team made a mistake with Leclerc without him being restrained from starting that safety vehicle, but instead considers that the last disaster of the Monegasque race happened because of Stephen Ocon: “It’s disappointing for Charles. The final ‘Safety Car’ with Ocon stopping in the middle of the track … I think he could have stopped the car somewhere else, because there’s time to stop somewhere else.” said the engineer of Swiss origin.

Source: La Verdad


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