Valverde returns to train after the scare


The cyclist, who was hit on Saturday while cycling, has recovered very well and wants to reach the top of the Vuelta a España

Alejandro Valverde is made from a different pasta. Just two days after the romp he suffered on Saturday, after being hit by a car while training with other cyclists, the one from Las Lumbreras is cycling again. He does not want his last active season as a professional cyclist to be disrupted and he has already set to work preparing his next commitments, in which he wants to enjoy the sport in which he has been the great Spanish protagonist in recent years.

Valverde himself sent a reassuring message on Saturday from the hospital room in La Arrixaca where he was admitted after the incident: “Everything has been a shock and I’m doing well,” he said.

The Movistar rider, with some scratches and discomfort on his buttocks, is recovering from injuries at home and will be available to compete in the Vuelta a España which kicks off on August 19 in the Dutch city of Utrecht. What is not so clear is that he will start in the Clásica de Ordizia, on the 25th. The test he seems to be running before heading into the Vuelta is the Clásica de San Sebastián, a test in which I feel very comfortable. He has won it twice. [2008 y 2014]came second once and two others crossed the finish line third.

The detainee for running over the Murcian cyclist and his companions on the road between Javali Nuevo and Alcantarilla last Saturday stated that he was on duty before the head of the investigating judge number 3 of Murcia. Cristóbal, 69, a resident of La Ñora district and a retired vigilante, presented his version of what happened that Saturday morning to the judge.

At around 12:30 p.m., the man was traveling in his car, a Citroën, Xsara model, along with his wife and sister-in-law, on the RM-560, when he encountered a group of about twenty cyclists. He waited several minutes behind the group until he saw the moment to pass the athletes.

He did, sources close to the suspect point to, taking up the entire opposite lane to leave the safety distance. Upon completing the maneuver and returning to the lane in the direction of travel, some cyclists reprimanded and insulted him. Cristóbal stopped to ask the reason for the insults and according to what he said, the athletes started throwing water bottles at the car, damaging the bodywork and windows.

When he resumed the vehicle’s motion to flee and prevent them from continuing to throw objects at him and get attacked, “I was able to destabilize one of them off the bike and so they fell to the ground, but I didn’t reverse the car or run over someone,” he said.

What has been reported by the accused, confirmed by the lawyer defending him, Ariane Santiago, is far from what those affected by the outrage said. According to reports, the vehicle deliberately rammed into the cyclists after stopping and backing up, running over some runners, including Alejandro Valverde and his friend Pedro Moya. A motorist who saw the entire sequence went after the car and photographed the license plate. But there was no need to set up a search device, as the former vigilante turned himself in at Murcia’s local police headquarters in La Alberca early Saturday afternoon. From there, he was transferred to the Carmen Police Station, where he testified before the officers, to whom he gave the same testimony as the one he gave in court.

The magistrate investigating the case understands that while there is evidence of a potential road safety crime, injuries and leaving the scene of the accident, “it is not appreciated that the requirements that would justify pre-trial detention, such as the risk on escaping, concealing or destroying evidence, or preventing criminal repetition. He also consented to the intervention of the vehicle he was driving and the revocation of his driver’s license as a precautionary measure.

The accused, who was stationed in the Basque Country for several years and also worked for a time as an assistant at the Murcia Institute of Legal Medicine, was released on Monday on charges after testifying before the head of the Court of Instruction number 3 of the Murcia capital. , which imposed the obligation to appear on the 1st and 15th of each month and ordered the withdrawal of the driver’s license and the intervention of the vehicle when noticing signs of a possible crime against road safety, injuries and leaving the place of the accident accident.

Source: La Verdad


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