The UCAM starts preseason 22 . the next day


Jordan Davis and Ilimane Diop will be the earliest birds as they’ve been working for a week

Sito Alonso’s new UCAM will not be one of the teams in the most rush to work up a sweat this new 2022-23 season, as most teams in the Endesa League go to work on the third Monday of August , as the players of the squad taking on the challenge to return to Europe are called upon to appear in the city on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of this month to undergo the first medical and physiological tests to begin with working on behalf of Sito and his ‘staff’ on Monday 22.

There are even those who go to work, as is the case with the Breogán or the Unicaja, who will regard the work as started around the tenth of the month, because yes, they have important obligations for the rest, as Galicians and Andalusians have to overcome the previous round of the Champions League if they want to compete in Europe next year, a right that UCAM already enjoys and for whom the European season does not start until October 4. Listed in Group A of the Champions League, UCAM has yet to meet a rival (he, Falco from Hungary and Strasbourg from France), but it won’t be any of his Endesa League teammates.

An Endesa League that, by the way, still hasn’t announced its pairing schedule for next season, that does have dates and that kicks off on September 28, so despite starting the pre-season a little later than usual, he will be with more than a month work arriving at the first official competition of the course.

While the team is not required to be in Murcia until the 20th, there are two players who will have one week more training in the city than their teammates as they start on the 14th. third season of growth remained at stake and responsibilities at UCAM, and Ilimane Diop, one of the signings that Alejandro Gómez has had to fight the most as the ex-international center for the Spanish team had to leave Gran Canaria due to termination (case similar to Pustovyi’s) and his condition of locally formed quota made him attractive to many teams.

The one who is in Murcia today and taking the opportunity to conduct some training in the palace is Sadiel Rojas, who has established her residence in the city, although she will be one of those who will soon have to leave to concentrate on the Dominican Republic’s national team, which has ‘FIBA windows’ before the end of the month for qualifying for the 2023 World Cup and on September 2 starts the AmeriCup, the American tournament that is equivalent to Eurobasket.

This will be a pre-season with many absences for the Endesa League teams, a competition that contributes to a large number of international players for their country. In the case of UCAM, which, as every year, will attract players from the subsidiary to help prepare for the season (Turkish Mestoglu and Swedish Falk, both of whom have already debuted in the Endesa League, are permanent), there are up to six players who can be absent well into September.

And it is that, in the absence of definitive lists, Jordan Sakho will also be called up with the Democratic Republic of Congo for ‘FIBA windows’ of qualification for the 2023 World Cup and the four European internationals who will participate in the Eurobasket starting on September 1: Nemanja Radovic (Montenegro), Thad McFadden (Georgia), Artem Pustovyi (Ukraine) and David Jelínek (Czech Republic).

Source: La Verdad


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