Eintracht, is about to lose his figure before facing Madrid


For the skinny dog, everything is fleas. That’s what they should think about Eintracht Frankfurt after starting the Bundesliga with a resounding defeat (1-6) at the hands of Bayern only five days left to face the real Madrid in European Super Cup next August 10 at Helsinki.

And it is that the German team is about to say goodbye to its main and most determined footballer, Philip Kostic. Juventus of Turin are tightening the fence on the Balkan midfielder and the Gazzetta dello Sport It is assumed that the transfer may crystallize in the next few hours.

Roman Fabriziofor his part, ensures that the clubs are currently negotiating the transfer of the Serbian because the footballer and Juventus have already agreed between them.

The impending departure of Kostictherefore, leaving the waterline of the group of Glasner who face the dispute in the first title of the season, none other and none less than against a Real Madrid that arrived at the appointment in a clear upward line. nothing to do with him Eintrachtwas in a state of depression after confessing against the whipping Bayern.

Source: La Verdad


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