Juventus plan to sign Kostic


Juventus want Philip Kostic get to Turin no matter what. The casualties suffered by the Italian team forced the club to urgently strengthen itself to cover its weak points. And for this he made a plan.

In Turin they know that the Eintracht Frankfurt encrypts its star player €20 million. According to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, after the offer they sent last Friday from 12 million euros and 3 in variables (less than what West Ham offered two weeks ago, of €15 million), the Vecchia Signora had already decided will match the fixed value and will continue to offer 3 million in variables to acquire their services. Meaning, they will offer 15 plus 3.

The idea that Italy has is to close the operation during the monday nightso that the Serbian midfielder arrives in Turin during the Tuesday and pass the corresponding medical examination which allows him to join his companions when the games are in progress. workouts on wednesdaysbefore the start of Serie A against Sassuolo, next Monday, August 15.

From the Italian media, they hope that the operation can be closed for the next few hours and the deadlines drawn by the Italian club for the integration of the ‘brain’ of Eintracht, named UEFA Europa League Player of the Season 2021/22after winning the trophy in Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

Source: La Verdad


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