Mexico begins operation to rescue ten miners


An underwater drone prepares to enter the Coahuila coal mine, where water pumping continues so divers can descend mid-week to clear the workers, who have been trapped since Wednesday

Hoping to find them alive, Mexican authorities launched an operation this Monday to rescue the ten miners trapped in a coal mine in the northern region of Coahuila Wednesday afternoon. An underwater drone equipped with a camera and high-resolution light prepares to enter one of three wells, flooded after the group, in full excavation, encountered an adjacent area full of water that collapsed and flooded the site and prevented them from leaving. Only five workers, who had to be hospitalized, were able to escape. Expelled by a “jet of water”, as reported to local media.

The submersion of the drone will serve to know in detail what the interior of the mine is like before, in the middle of this week, the divers can descend to proceed to the rescue, according to Luis Cresencio Sandoval, the Minister of National Defense (Sedena ). The operation will be carried out via well three, whose water level has fallen from 34 meters to 19 in the last five days thanks to the extraction works carried out with powerful pumps that discharge 328 liters per second to the outside.

The announcement of the drone caused a stir at the camp where the miners’ relatives reside in Agujita, a community in the state of Coahuila, bordering the United States. Some excitedly hoped that this inspection would accelerate the arrival of divers.

Meanwhile, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who on Sunday verified the work carried out by the more than 400 troops deployed to the area on the ground, said he maintains the “faith” to keep the ten miners alive. to save. Despite criticism from the workers’ families, the president defended that his administration “acted quickly” and promised that responsibilities would be clarified. “First the rescue and don’t worry about the other that there will be justice. We won’t forget,” he noted.

As a first step, the Attorney General announced on Sunday that it has asked the Department of Labor for information about the safety inspections it has conducted at the mines in Coahuila. The region is unfortunately known for frequent accidents in its deposits. The most recent took place in June 2021, in the municipality of Múzquiz, when a new flood trapped seven miners who lost their lives.

Source: La Verdad


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