Ayuso: “It’s not pressure that fans watch me, it’s pride”


The Spanish John Ayuso (UAE Emirates), debuted in a grand tour at the age of 19 with doubts about his response to a three-week race, but despite his youth there is no pressure, because the expectations raised by the Xàbia cyclist to the fans has been “a pride” that serves as a stimulus.

“My strategy is to go every day. The most I have competed in is 10 days in the Giro sub’23, to see how I feel. Right now I prefer to think more. I want to finish with a good taste in my mouth. I don’t know what to expect from me, but I will try to be with the best,” said Ayuso in Utracht, where the 77th edition of the Vuelta starts this Friday.

During the decline of Spanish cycling, Juan Ayuso, together with the Andalusian Carlos Rodríguez (Ineos), represents the main lights that illuminate the future. Pressure is a concept that does not fit into Juan Ayuso’s dictionary.

More than pressure I feel motivation. I want people to be aware of me, therefore it is a pride rather than a pressure. I’m glad I have a lot of people behind me and waiting for me to achieve great things.”

Ayuso, who did not plan to run the Vuelta at the start of the season, has no qualms in admitting that he will go to work in the service of his joao almeida in the interest of the group in general.

Of course I will work with Joao. We are a team and this is my first Vuelta, I came to learn and get the best out of myself. If Joao Almeida is the strongest, everyone is on his side, no doubt.”

Source: La Verdad


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