Leasing pollutes less than the rest of the market


Leasing is known as “the VO factory”as it is the companies that acquire modern fleets for a short period (normally about four years), during which they are used moderately and return in good condition and with interesting equipment to the second-hand market, where they are sold as second-hand.

In addition, companies that want to score an environmental point opt ​​for hybrid models, which creates an access route for these models for a part of the population that cannot get access to new ones. This is one of the reasons why its fleet is relatively less polluting than the rest of the market.

According to
Spanish rental association (AER), new lease cars, registered during the first semester, register an average consumption of 5.04 litres/100 km and an average emission of 125.64 grams of CO2. The rest of the market records an average consumption of 5.26 litres/100 km, 4.18% more, and emissions of 129.14 g CO2/km, 3.5 grams more.

The AER counts within its 123,523 registrations for cars and light commercial vehicles. In the first half of the year this represents a decrease of 12.6% compared to the same period last year when 141,323 units were registered.

Leasing is a channel that has suffered the most from the semiconductor shortage and production stoppages it caused as manufacturers focused on more profitable sales, such as the retail market. The biggest victims were the car rental companies.

According to the president of the association
Jose-Martin Castro Acebes, states that “Knowing this evolution of emissions and consumption encourages us to continue to promote policies aimed at reducing the impact of our mobility on the environment. There is a real awareness for sustainability.

For Castro Acebes, the improvement in results is due to the growth of vehicles powered by alternative energy sources, which accounted for 32.14%, compared to 25.49% last year. Notwithstanding the foregoing, achieving the objectives will take time as Spain still has a park that is over 13 years old.

A relatively new formula in the market is offering used car rental. According to Idoneo, more and more use is made of pay-per-use. your CEO,
Edward Clavicmestates that “the immediate availability of these cars makes second-hand leasing the alternative for those unwilling to wait more than 5 months for their car.”

At the moment, VO leasing is a marginal alternative to this formula, but Clavijo estimates that it can be achieved with 15% of the market share in the coming years.

Source: La Verdad


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