Manufacturers and suppliers demand a crash plan for the automotive industry


They are calling for a “more efficient” Moves III plan and tax credits for renewing electric vehicle fleets

The Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers, ANFAC, and SERNAAUTO, the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers, have signed a joint petition in which both entities ask the government for a shock plan to
the car industry which, as one of its objectives, is considering establishing in Spain the production of semiconductors and batteries for electric vehicles.

In the context of the celebration of the board of directors of SERNAAUTO who presides
Francisco J. Riverain which the president of ANFAC participated,
Wayne Griffiths, both organizations pointed to the “complex and delicate situation” that the auto industry in our country is going through. The effects of the pandemic made it necessary to deal with the –unsolved– semiconductor crisis, the rise in raw material prices, the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine and the “exorbitant” increase in energy and logistics costs. All this in a context of “unprecedented” instability and uncertainty.

The proposed plan has a dual purpose, based on the fact that Spain is the second largest European vehicle producer thanks to its vehicle factories and its extensive
business network auto parts suppliers.

To maintain this position in the new mobility, these organizations propose to take advantage of the fact that the transformation to the electric vehicle and the elimination of the carbon footprint offers an opportunity to produce carbon neutral parts, products and services in Spain. moving their production to their distribution and marketing.

From his point of view, Spain should efficiently use the arrival of next-generation European European funds to gain technological autonomy and bring it to the country
critical components such as semiconductors or batteries.

They also believe that it is necessary to promote relocation in order to have better guarantees for the availability of financing to strengthen working capital – especially for SMEs – or increase tax credits for industrial, product and process development projects. In this way, the weight it has lost in the past three years would be returned to the national industry and its companies.

On the other hand, to consolidate Spain’s position as
second vehicle manufacturer At the European level in the new mobility, ANFAC and SERNAUITO believe that it is necessary to move towards it in order to guarantee technological neutrality while promoting the sale of electric vehicles. For example, they propose measures such as the exemption from tax in the IRPF from subsidies, tax reductions for the renewal of fleets by electric vehicles, or the development of mechanisms for a more efficient Moves III plan. They also ask the government to set binding and annual targets to accelerate the deployment of fast charging points.

As the penetration of the electric vehicle and a network of charging infrastructure increases, and taking advantage of a tax reform of the car linked to the use of the vehicle and not to its purchase, these organizations confirm that a greater volume of investment will be attracted in Spain of companies in the industry. Likewise, according to the signatories, this shock plan would
environmental benefitsbecause it would help get older and less fuel-efficient vehicles out of traffic.

Source: La Verdad


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