The world’s best-selling tricycle has been redesigned


It has been 17 years since the first prototype of the Piaggio Group MP3 came to light. It was a revolution nobody bet on.
A three-wheeled motorcycle that came on the market the following year. We’re all wrong, it’s such a success that it’s expected to last indefinitely, as has happened with the iconic Vespa from the same manufacturer. Where it is most sold is in France, especially in the densely populated city of Paris and Spain is the second country with the most sales of this model.

Now a new generation is for sale. The changes it contains are really extensive. From a new chassis, lighter, with the already known suspension system,
new riding position by moving the handlebars closer to the rider and a new positioning of the footrests.

The turn signals are now embedded in the new bodywork by having a much wider front to comply with the regulations in which this vehicle is, tricycle, to be able to drive it with a car driver’s license. There are also changes at the rear, such as the dual exhaust.
The instrument panel is also new with a TFT display seven inches in color. To start it you don’t need a key anymore like before, now it has the keyless system.

Three versions will be launched, the base 400 HPE, the 400 HPE Sport and the 530 HPE with a new propeller, the latter equipped with an ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance System) device, with driver assistance, blind spot warning or lane change warning . the instrument panel. This system is based on the 4D Imaging Radar technology developed by Piaggio. This version also comes standard with reverse gear with rear video camera and cruise control. Under the seat, a large hole makes it possible to accommodate two full-face helmets.

Of the two motorizations tested, the new 530 engine is the most powerful, 44.2 horsepower, allowing for really fast rides in and out of the city, but the 400 isn’t far behind in being able to meter the available power (35, 3 hp) of much lower revs.

Once started, in both cases, the sensations are still very good compared to previous generations.
Safety that it radiates both on the straight and on the bend continues to amaze us. Not the least scare, the tires copy the asphalt at all times, regardless of the type. Even when it is wet or slipping, this scooter can handle it without any problem and in addition it has ASR traction control which also helps in this regard. The braking system, with three wheels and a disc each, allows really short stops, also with the ABS anti-lock braking system as standard.

In short, both the 400 and the 530 version with the new appearance and chassis
offer really good performance and the overall finishes are top quality.

The prices at which they are marketed start at 10,499 from the base, 500 euros more for the 400 HPE Sport version and 2500 more for the more equipped and powerful 530.

Source: La Verdad


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