The DGT warns drivers about cases in which they have to surrender their driving license


Losing maps and documentation is a procedure that almost all people go through at some point in their lives. To the hassle of having to renew the DNI, the credit cards or the
drivers license There is also the possibility of recovering these documents and getting into a compromised situation by having some of them in duplicate.

This has warned the
General direction of traffic (DGT), reminding drivers that
duplicate driver’s license they have to return it if some of the stated situations are met. This has now been explained in a statement addressed to all motorists on the Spanish road network.

The DGT states that in those cases where a driver has applied for a new driving license after loss and ultimately
restore the oldyou must return the original to the Provincial Tourist Office that issued it.

Possession of the license or
original license and a duplicate of this will lead to the immediate collection of the original for reference to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters,” the DGT recalled. From the agency, they also emphasized that, if the alleged reason for obtaining this duplicate “proves to be false”, the case may be referred to the
judicial authority because it determines criminal liability.

The DGT also warns that all those
drivers who change place of residence or personal data must inform the authority accordingly. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in the citizen’s right to
bonus for fast payment of fines or even problems while driving because we don’t know if traffic penalties really weigh on us.

“If you have changed your address, you must communicate your new postal address to the traffic within 15 days so that our notifications and communications can reach you, for example to avoid not knowing and missing the notification of a fine .de term to pay it”, they recall from the DGT, as envisaged in the General Regulations of Drivers (art. 10).

Source: La Verdad


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